Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clipix: Organise your life!

My wife has so much anxious to be expectant with a baby boy. She loves the entire boy things and she really can’t wait to set up beautify her nursery. I see a lot of stunning as well as amusing nursery smarten ideas online however more often I can’t hit upon them another time while I prepared to revisit and look at them. A few days ago, I got an opportunity to come across clipix.
Using clipix I can able to clip whichever image on the web and the exciting thing is it get stored in my account hence I can with no trouble stumble on it later on. I began placing collectively a clipix clipboard of nursery embellishing ideas on clipix. I really love clipix as it is trouble free to clip the photos as well as I can right to use them in my clipboard on any time I want. The good thing to say that, the clipix account is absolutely FREE!
We can make use of clipix meant for organizing everything over online. This is really a wonderful tool absolutely for me to use while I begin planning my son’s birthday celebration. If truth to be told, the last year I was very muddled, but this year through clipix I can comprise the entire of my ideas in a very trouble free way.
An additional attribute is that we can share our clips on Facebook and Twitter. And also there is also an iPhone app, hence when you are on the walk off you can also make use of this wonderful clipix. Just sign up for the free account of clipix and enjoy the convenience of the whole thing organized in one place!

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