Saturday, 4 February 2012

Valentine's Day Special - II

Accessory for traveling iPhone MobiSlyder

Film with a smartphone that's good is to take James Cameron is even better. Accessories to turn your iPhone into professional device are many, here's one that will delight fans of house music. The MobiSlyder is a mobile support for iPhone that allows you to make shots like the pros without investing in expensive equipment. Easy to use, it fits no worries to most surfaces. It is available for pre-order on the official website at a price of $ 135 (about € 102). Here's a demo video that reveals the potential of MobiSlyder.

Customizable Wysiwatch

Shows a customizable, affordable and made
​​in France (argument shock for this Valentine's pre-election): this is what the site offers Wysiwatch. Twelve different watch collections can design his own watch for a price ranging from 39 to 49 €. As indicated on the site, a 15% reduction is applied to Valentine's Day with the code "wysi15".

Sculpteo - personalized 3D printing

To ensure that the chosen of your heart thinks of you every day, without offering him your life-size portrait, you can opt for a cup or mug whose shape has been determined by your profile. You just have to download the iPhone application Sculpteo, choose the model of your choice to add a photo (Hand, foot ... anything goes! To you to unleash your imagination). A software analyzes the picture determines the contours and integrates the ceramic model. 3D modeling is when you submitted for validation. The printing of the final model is then run and single. Attention by product delays can be very long. 39 euros for the Mug and 299 euros for the vase.

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