Saturday, 4 February 2012

Valentine's Day Special - III

Earphones for lovers

Almost all smartphones today are equipped with a music player but the speakers of low quality. As a result, the headphones or earphones are the best way to share his music on his mobile phone. Here's a gift idea for a budget that are not afraid of coming out in love to the world. This is an adapter to plug in two jacks on one device, heart-shaped. Sold about 15 euros, it is available in red or pink.

Sony PlayStation Vita

5 inch OLED display and touch back, quad ARM processor, 3G, photo sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi The PS Vita has serious points to make while smartphones are becoming increasingly essential in the game to win. 25 games will be available at launch, Rayman, through FIFA and Uncharted. It will be marketed at prices of 249 and 299 € (version Wi-Fi or 3G).

Swarovski - Creator rainbows

The bleeding hearts may well fall for this decorative accessory. This is a clip to be positioned on its windows, using a suction cup. The heart-shaped pendant, made by the jeweler Swarovski, turns on itself and reflects the sun's rays to create a rainbow. What brighten a child's room or simply color a piece of love. It is designed by David Dear and sale on the site Kikkerland priced at $ 34 (about 26 €).

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