Friday 17 February 2012

An idea of HTC smartphone with comprehensive range

The designer Francis Rybarczyk would have found the solution to increase the autonomy of smartphones. This solution is taking shape through his concept of HTC smartphone.

The concept is called Autonomous HTC. The idea is the creation of a mobile phone that incorporates a cartridge lengthening the battery life. This cartridge is retractable and can be replaced. In fact, the smartphone hides behind his back a kind of secondary battery.

This battery has a folding plug that can plug into a wall outlet. By doing so, we reload the smartphone directly. The trouble is that it is impossible to use it until he makes full. Fortunately, the designer has thought of another alternative, in fact, all you need replacement cartridges, loaded previously. When the battery is low, simply insert a new cartridge.

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  1. I've heard that HTC has too many issues,, various runtime problems


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