Friday 25 November 2011

Facebook monitors 51% of online purchases

A recently published study by the firm Sociable Labs shows that 51% of online purchases are made not of users who are connected to Facebook at the time of purchase. This allows the social network to collect an additional data on these users about their shopping habits.

More than half of online shoppers are also connected to Facebook when making a purchase. Most commonly, it is thanks to Facebook Connect, which allows the social network to collect data on the navigation of its members. This has two advantages for Facebook, as commerce sites.
On the one hand, this means that web merchants can enjoy all the features offered by Facebook for social external sites: sharing, "like" and so on. For Facebook, this is obviously data that can be crucial to profile the various online shoppers who populate its site, and thus provide better targeted ads, among others. The social network, which is no longer hidden to observe the habits of its members have also confirmed seeing the same statistics as those published by Sociable Labs.

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