Wednesday, 2 November 2011

PCs All-in-one: the alternative to mobile

Compact and powerful

Revolution in its time, the Apple iMac has since been joined by a multitude of little friends. Apple still remains continued to dominate the competition of the head and shoulders. This change backs a bit.

It must be a reason; desktop computers are not the kings in the home, with only 15% market share. They are even on the verge of being overtaken by the shelves. However, PCs are still far from having said their last word. The days of beige towers against noise are well and truly over. It now offers high-performance compact machines to aggressive pricing.

The power to go

Although, laptops have made ​​great progress in recent years, the all-in-one and keep the advantage thanks to the use of components "desktop" more muscular. If this is not very visible for office or media, those who perform intensive tasks like editing have a vested interest to use a stationary machine. The video game is a somewhat special case. For reasons of temperature, it is mainly from the world of mobile chips that are used in the all-in-one. Players will be hard-therefore better off with a more traditional tour. Note that miniaturization has not abandoned this area, as there are now very compact towers capable of carrying the full power of a desktop machine.

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