Monday, 14 November 2011

Telesar V Robot

Keio University, Japan, has developed a robot has sense of touch. The owner, even at the other end of the world can feel what the humanoid touch in real time. The robot is called Telesar V.

The user equips equipment at the forefront of technology to interact with the avatar. The Facilities include a helmet and a pair of gloves. The helmet shows what the camera built into the robot's head films with augmented reality. Gloves, meanwhile, are clad with sensors and can feel the shape and temperature of objects that the robot touches.

To control the robot, the users simply execute the movements with his\her body and reproduce the avatar in real time. In sum, V Telesar completely immerses the owner in the skin of the robot.

Telesar V seems to have a promising future. The areas in which the robot would have its place are endless. He could defuse bombs instead of a professional, do your research in a potentially dangerous to humans, or just running errands while the owner can stay comfortably at home.  

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