Friday, 18 November 2011

Soon SIM card welded to iPhone

Apple planned last year to weld its SIM cards on the iPhone to bypass the phone companies. One possibility that could become a reality as Gemalto, the French manufacturer of smart card. Indeed, Jean-Fran├žois Rubon, director of innovation of the French company said at the DigiWorld taking place currently in Montpellier it was explained in part by a desire to save space by terminal manufacturers.

"The SIM-board soldered to the terminal will become a reality in the short term. Just because it is a strong demand from manufacturers that provide terminals for ever. They need more space to incorporate larger batteries. Eventually, even the microSIM be too large because the connectors. The SIM welded around this problem with its finesse and size 5 out of 6 mm. "

Remote management of the subscription

This would involve some technical adjustments: "The SIM card embeds five components: the chip, the operator profile, customer profile, one or more applications such as NFC and a small OS to run everything. If the SIM is welded, it will be the manufacturers of welding to the mobile which implies a remote management of the subscription, "says Jean-Fran├žois Rubon.

In fact, it will involve more than the SIM card to the operator but to the device. Which could complicate the handling when changing terminal for example.

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