Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Awakenings

We owe to the American designer Erin Turkoglu what is still a prototype, but that should be developed as the idea is appealing. The Kettle Alarm Clock is an alarm clock with alarm triggers the warming of the water in the tea bowl located above. And in time you will be awakened by the gentle sound of water boiling. Well ... it is feared that the only sound is not enough to wake a lot of people but nothing like the smell of the hot tea!

Based on studies indicating that certain odors may have a positive influence on our mood, Alfie Lake, a designer in the United Kingdom, has created an awakening fragrance diffuser. Osim Nioi Aromachology-Alarm Clock, which is still a concept (and will remain so maybe ...) can break down near the clock to prepare for sleep or upon awakening, a fragrance contained in a three capsules reservoir inserted in the body of the device.

The Edison Alarm Clock, the American designer David Krawczyk, is a tribute to the inventor and pioneer of electricity Thomas Edison. The alarm of this clock, the somewhat rustic appearance, is adjustable in a very original since it is necessary to insert small bulbs in the holes on the front depending on the desired time.

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