Wednesday, 2 November 2011

High-tech romance with sun - 3

Introduced in 2009, "Solar Concept Tent" foreshadows the "dugout" of the future according to the operator Orange, as part of its historic partnership with the Glastonbury music festival. The festival tries to environmentalists who do not wish in any way be cut off from the world on the move is fitted on the outside, pull-out of solar panels to generate enough energy to light and heat the tent at night and feed the various communications equipment of its occupants. 

A group of researchers and students from the Massachusetts Intitute of Technology (MIT) working in the field of solar energy unveiled in July 2011 the latest advances in their work that allowed them to print solar cells on a sheet of paper reusable even after being folded and unfolded many times. The paper is quite ordinary but the printing process is not yet accessible to all since it requires the deposition of five layers of steam which must necessarily be performed in a vacuum chamber printing. (See video)

Edited by Sheila Kennedy, professor in the Department of Architecture Practice a group of MIT students have designed and developed this new type of outdoor furniture to be installed on campus. The Soft Rockers is both an individual space mobile, rest or work equipped with everything needed to operate and power the electronic devices of the user (laptop, phone, etc.).. Energy self-sufficient, it is equipped with photovoltaic cells and a system using the swings to charge the batteries which it is equipped.


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