Monday 14 November 2011

Suzuki Q, an ultra-compact city

The list of compact cars planned for major cities of the future is filled with some interesting concepts. Recently, the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has followed the example of Renault, Opel, Volkswagen and others with a city of more compact.

This car is simply known as Q. Halfway between the current and compact bikes roof, the vehicle is rather late for a car. Its width is only 1.30 meters to 2.50 meters long and 1.65 meter high. With its smaller size, the Suzuki Q should be able to squeeze between cars easily. It can also park almost anywhere.

Q displays a modern and urban design. As for the interior, the interior is quite attractive. The car can carry two people at most and in tandem. His chair back can be stored if the driver needs space and a safe.

Note that the car is 100% electric and has a range of 50 km. Only negatives: the chassis is rather low even for a vehicle only supposed to ride into town and the maximum speed limit is 60 km / h.

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