Monday 31 January 2011

A foldable notebook signed Niels Van Hoff

Laptops netbooks, through notebooks, man is in constant search of ergonomics and portability with computing devices. Dutch designer Niels Van Hoff presents his vision of the perfect device.

The aircraft designer is called Batavian rightly Fold able Notebook. More compact than a netbook, but also a powerful notebook, Fold able Notebook is, as its name implies, an ultra portable fold able. Furthermore the hinge-screen keyboard, it has a third hinge in the middle of the screen. Without trackpad, the keyboard is shorter than the usual ultra portable keyboards. Fold able Netbook folds into three, ultimately, be as large as a keyboard. Portability is undoubtedly its greatest asset. This articulation at the display is made
thanks to its flexible OLED display. To address the lack of the track pad, Fold able Notebook is equipped with a wireless mouse in a row next to the keyboard.

Fold-able Notebook is currently at the conceptual stage.

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