Wednesday 26 January 2011

LG Touch Paper, a smartphone that folds into a tablet

LG proposes combining smartphones and tablets in a concept combining the two into one device: LG Touch Paper.

Although LG Touch Paper is not the first concept of its kind, it has the merit of being among the most original. Its design and presentation make this unique concept.
Initially it appears as a regular touchscreen smartphone. It can be unfolded and become four times greater for ultrafine become shelf. Indeed, it can fold in four levels. This is made possible through the use of elastomers for the joints.

Paper Touch also has an OLED screen, an input jack and USB ports. Equipped with a camera, it looks like an ideal device for calls and video chats. It is also able to take on the role of an e-book reading light. According to its designers, LG Touch Paper links the user to the world in privacy.

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