Monday, 10 January 2011

Finger Stylus, the rings that turn your fingers into styli

Currently, the touch technology is at the heart of our daily lives. However, most multitouch devices are not very accurate when using our fingers to manipulate.
Those who have written emails or SMS with a smartphone multitouch, have always learned the hard way. Also for ladies and girls with long nails. Park Hyun Jin designer proposes a solution to this problem clearly relevant interaction. This involves using some special rings Finger Stylus baptized. Its concept is midway between the use of a stylus, the most precise, and the use of fingers, the easiest and most intuitive ergonomics. These rings are provided with a rounded tip and are put at the thumbs. Thus the user can use their smartphone with a touch as promised unfailing accuracy and intuitive.

Finger Stylus has an elastic ring. It adapts to any size and can be used with gloves. If its marketing is validated it should come next winter.

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