Thursday 20 January 2011

Hacking PSN: What to do?

The case surrounding the hacking of the PlayStation Network is in full swing. The New York Times has found that bank data stolen by hackers are already on sale on the Internet. Therefore, a question arises for all users of Playstation potentially in danger: what to do?

2.2 million. The number of credit card numbers that were listed by the authors of "PlayStationGate. The entire lot would be available to 100,000 dollars. Such a history was soon to awaken the CNIL (Commission National Informatics and freedoms) that wants to launch an investigation into the theft of data. According to its president, Alex Türk, "we'll get closer to Sony for analyzing different elements: how many people are affected in France? What is the nature of the data? What was the exact security flaw? Data were they sufficiently encrypted? What information was sent to victims? "Has he told the daily newspaper Les Echos.

To better understand this case, we contacted William Lovett, an expert on cybercrime at Fortinet. And Nicolas Godfrey lawyer UFC-Que Choisir

Who is behind this piracy?

There are two hypotheses. The first portrays the purest cybercrime with the purpose of diverting money. The second, more convincing, for the hacker group Anonymous who tried to take Robin Hood.

You should know that this group adopts a planar structure, no hierarchy. Thus, if a madman, this may be another. On the Internet, Sony is often considered a society that does not think enough about its customers and much more to its portfolio. It could be this attitude that officials wanted to condemn piracy by their act.

Who will pay?

In this story is that Sony is the turkey stuffing. They have already announced that it is considering compensation to reward users for their patience, the PSN is still inaccessible. If enrolled in NHP is preventively opposition on their credit card companies credit card could easily turn against Sony. The replacement cost of a card is the order of 3 to 5 dollars. The amount can quickly escalate. Finally, the first lawsuits against Sony are starting to point the tip of their nose to the United States. Added to the class-action, they can cause harm to the Japanese firm.

What should the holders of PSN accounts?

Do not panic. This is the golden rule. The database was encrypted credit card. Even if Sony did not release the encryption system used, it is unnecessary to worry. Be advised to monitor transactions that occur on their account and not pay attention to emails from Sony called, asking for personal or banking information is phishing. The most important thing is to change their passwords on its other Internet accounts that have the same credentials as his PSN account.

Nicolas Godfroy completes this response by relativizing the risk of bank fraud. He explains that "the user is protected by French law. If ever there was fraud on an account, everything would be borne by the bank, according to article L133-18 Code monetary.

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