Tuesday 7 June 2016

6 Big Changes Coming to Android Phones

Eric Risberg

Latest Version of Mobile Operating System – Android N

The important letter at Google’s concluded I/O conference after A, I, V and R, with regards to artificial and virtual reality, had to be N. Google presented the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android N and the company most probably would name it after a dessert starting with `n’ while keeping up with its habit of discerning with its sweet tooth while christening new releases of Android. While details are awaited from the Google officials, the following is the information coming from Android N when it will be shipped later this summer:

1. Split Screen Mode 

After many years when Samsung had added an option to a few of its Android devices with two apps to run alongside each other, Apple too had done the same thing in iOS 9 and now Google is catching up. Users would be capable of running two apps simultaneously, loaded one above the other or side by side.

2. Simpler Multitasking 

Changing from one app to another can get quite simple in N, wherein a tap of the latest app buttons will portray a seemingly endless list of every app one may have opened in recent history. Android N, instead tends to automatically sweep away app one has not used for some time. Google’s research displayed that most of the people tend to only flip through seven apps in the list and permit you to swipe the whole thing. In order to come back to the last app one had opened, you could just tap the latest app button twice.

3. More communicating notifications

Android N will be taking a standing option to respond to an app’s notification after it tends to appear over the screen by enabling you to carry on the complete conversations with the notification view. Where messaging app would now show only a performance of a message, with N, it would add a `Reply’ button.

4. Longer Battery life

The prevailing Android Marshmallow release tends to have an amazing feature known as Dose which suspends most of the app activity whenever the phone does not tend to be moving. N will expand this function to the extent when the phone could be moving though its screen is off, as in the case when a phone is not being utilised since it is in a pocket or purse.

5. Efficient Apps 

Reworked code needs o be cut down on the time apps need to install as well as trim their storage requirements. A new Data Saver choice will enable you to limit the appetite of the app for wireless data.

6. Security Tweaks

The Android mechanisms which tend to play media gets locked further down in N with more restricted access to the rest of the system and it’s a response to Stagefright susceptibility which last year could have been utilised to outbreak a phone by just sending a malicious multimedia message. Security updates of Android would also download and install in the background as they tend to do in Google’s Chrome OS. When the phone is restarted to complete the install, one will not have to wait for a long time while Android reinstalls each app. However, for an Android phone, in order to get these features, the manufacturer as well as the wireless carrier would have to ship the updates of an Android N to your phone.

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