Thursday, 2 June 2016

Google Daydream VR phone

Daydream VR phone

Virtual Reality Plans of Google

Google’s Vice president of virtual reality, Clay Bavor, though not worried with perfection but desires to develop virtual worlds which tend to look and feel like real ones. He seems convinced that Google and the others would surely get there ultimately. While they labour on it, the main objective of Bavor is to put a VR headset on everyone he could find. Why VR seems to be cool and exciting is difficult to explain in words, according to him and tech reporters all over the world sense his pain though as soon as one tries it, you tend to get it.

 Hence the virtual reality plans of Google have always been about giving as many people, access as possible while perfections tends to come later. Recently on stage, at Google I/O, the annual developer conference-show-and-tell of the company, Bavor had announced his next step of the process. Google has been developing the next form Android precisely with focus on virtual reality in order that all smartphones running its operating system would be a VR headset. It has been working with partners on non-cardboard headset and controllers which would be coming later in the year.

Daydream – Standard & a Brand

This would extremely enhance the quality of the entire experience and a set of the specs of the phone which would permit optimum VR experience in Android. It has developed Daydream which is a standard as well as a brand which tends to encompasses everything that Google has been working on with VR. Daydream does not seem to be a custom version of the operating system like the Android TV or android Wear but is a part of Android just the way texting and notification are a part of Android and is a VR mode.

 When the phone is docked, one will launch Daydream Home that enables you to open apps from Netflix, Hulu and IMAX, or games from EA, Ubisoft and much more. It seems to be comfortable and clean, similar to Oculus Home. Bavor states that there are some really neat things in the works but considering how much is there already in Cardboard, the ecosystem of Daydream is going to be big from day one.

VR Listeners/VR Helpers

The Android N code tends to detect apps as `VR listeners’ or `VR helpers’, which means that any app would be able to launch a VR mode. One would get notifications while you are in VR just like one in Samsung’s Gear VR. VR is not a solely separate thing in Google’s view, hidden in its own app with its own app store. It is something which every developer, every app could tap into and any `Daydream-ready’ phone is basically any high-end-phone.

 Bavor states that phones from Huawei, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi and others are in workings and can run VR mode in Android. Other apps could do the same just the way YouTube enables instant switching and watching any video in a virtual reality theatre. Presently VR has been facing difficulties and the best VR experiences tends to be time consuming as well as expensive to produce.

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