Thursday 16 June 2016

Lost your iPhone? New Google Feature is here to Help

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Google’s Latest Feature – Search Misplaced Lost Phones

There is some good news for iPhone or Android users where Google has introduced a latest feature which enables them to search misplaced or lost phones. The user could just go to Google search engine and type in `I lost my phone’ wherein they will be given various options on how to discover misplaced device. In the search results, the user will find a list of selections on how to find their device on a map or even make it ring. The tech giant had announced in a blog post recently that the new features rolling out on the search engine would help in locating or secure a misplaced device, even if it’s an iPhone.

Once updated, users would be able to Google `I lost my phone’ and opt from a number of helpful choices. Besides making the phone ring, you could also display a message on the screen for whoever locates it, lock the device or delete all its data. While Googling `I lost my phone’ or `find my phone’ would display a map indicating an approximate location of where the gadget could be though it would not work unless the GPS of the phone is on. Moreover, this service had been earlier available through the Android Device Manager only.

Phone-Finder Feature works with Android/iOS Devices

The new phone-finder feature now tends to work with Android as well as iOS devices. Besides this, Google has also announced new methods of accessing private settings wherein you will be capable of using voice command to toy with your controls or search for name to visit your account page.

You should know that these features seem to work because you are allowing Google to access your personal data including your location if you tend to use the `lost my phone’ feature. The user has the option of deciding if it is worth trading a bit of your privacy, for convenience. The process of locating is simple. The user can go to Google’s `My Account’ and on scrolling down can click `Find Your Phone’. Choose the device one intends to locate, sign into your Google account and you will get the options such as:

Feature Prevents Others from Accessing Your Account

But the phone location feature of Google is not yet accomplished of locking the iPhone or remotely deleting it. However, there are other options to assist you in locating misplaced devices or if the user needs to figure out where their gadget could be. With this feature, other individuals would be preventing from accessing your Google account since you have the capability of signing out remotely which makes it impossible for thieves from accessing your private information.

This service could be considered as a public on the part of Google because it permits the user to locate for missing or lost devices with much trouble or it could be a scheme to induce iPhone users in using the services and features of Google and ultimately shift to Android in the long run.

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