Friday 10 June 2016

Twitter to Soon Roll Out Night Mode Interface


Twitter to Roll out Automatic Night Mode Interface

Twitter, the micro-blogging site would shortly roll out an automatic `Night Mode’ user interface UI to its Android app which would replace it with a darker appearance and switch out the white background.The technology website DroidLife lately recounted that the test of the latest feature is occurring among a small number of alpha testers and presently, the usual white background UI with black text is the only choice that is available to the users. 9to5Google had reported that the Night Mode UI stands on top of a Material Design overhaul of app that has been in the process of testing since last month.

 The report added that `not only is Twitter testing a `Night Mode’ but also diverse button placements. Twitter is also investigating with hamburger slide-out menus, overflow buttons, as well as floating action buttons – FAB, for the composing of new tweets’. Once implemented, the Night Mode UI would automatically substitute the white background with a dark blue user interface paired with white text making it easy for the eyes during night time. For latest updates on technology, reviews etc. one could follow Express Techie on Facebook or could tweet out to @expresstechie for latest tech news and tips.

Twitter Rolled Out New Connect Tab

Twitter had rolled out a new Connect tab on its mobile apps, earlier this month, in order to make it simple for users to find accounts which could be followed. The feature is made available in the latest app of Twitter on iPhone and Android.

Product manager, Ricardo Castro has mentioned in a blog post, that the tag proposes a list of accounts based on those who had already followed together with the popular ones in the region. Castro stated that `to give you the best recommendations, which will be continued to refine over time, we look at who you have already followed, tweets you like, popular accounts in your local zone, what is happening in the world presently and much more. We would also let you know precisely why we are showing you each recommendation’.

Easy on Eyes during Longer Session of Reading

It is the extra choice that tends to change much of the screen as possible with dark colours thus making it less bright while attempting to read at night or where the brightness of the display tends to be distracting. It could also be easy on the eyes during a longer session of reading like in the case of e-book reader. The choice to changeover between day and night modes is comfortable though seldom provided by main apps.

One could get the effect of it through third party screen dimmer, to some extent, though that could compromise the experience of viewing. Hence it is great news to know that Twitter could be working on a reasonable night mode for mobile apps.

It is said that a darker theme had popped up in the latest Alpha release of the app and the presence of that theme does not mean that we would be definitely getting the option of switching back and forth between various looks for the app though it could be a step in the right course

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