Thursday 6 April 2017

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook has become an important and integral part of our lives and it is necessary to safeguard online especially on the social media platform. A hack into the Facebook account will result in revealing wide range of sensitive and extremely personal information about a user to the hackers which can ultimately lead to financial, identity or emotional loss of varied kinds. Here are few smart ways to secure the Facebook account without any hassle.

Turn your account secure

Account protection begins with optimizing the passwords. Make use of numbers, letters & special characters while creating a password and for security question ensure it is known only to you. You can also set the two factor authentication system for logging into your Facebook account by going to the Settings.

Check for suspicious activity

Going to the Facebook Settings page will allow you to keep a tab on ‘from where’ your account has been accessed at any given point of time. If you has gained access to your account without your knowledge then you will be able to gain knowledge about it from here and even take steps to thwart such attempts in future.

Get a grip on your privacy

Privacy is an integral part of the cyber security of the internet users in the modern world. Facebook offers wide range of features and security measures built right into its platform which helps in safeguarding the members from the hackers, marketers as well as stalkers to a great extent.

It is extremely important for the Facebook users to think twice before sharing anything on the Facebook without choosing the setting which states who can see the posts. The setting is pretty simple opting for ‘Public Posts’ will allow your posts to be seen by everyone on the web. Clicking on the Limit Past Posts will help in hiding the older posts from the public view.

Be sensible with using the Facebook

Simply restricting who views your posts, personal information and profile on the Facebook is not enough. In order to turn your Facebook account highly secure it is vital that you apply some common sense while interacting with strangers, suspicious links, offers and other things on this social media platform. Secondly stay away from sharing critical personal information in the public domain like on Facebook pages and profiles needlessly. If you don’t want to proclaim your whereabouts then turn of location search on Facebook.

Thirdly giving every little details of your daily routine or lifestyle like where your work, when is your birthday, favourite movie, pets name, family address unknowingly through posts, location tags will only help in losing your identity.

Anyone closely following your social media activity will be able to pretend to be you with all the information you have shared online. Don’t forget to pay attention to the computers or different browsers you use in order to access the Facebook. Make sure the system or browser is up-to-date and has a robust antivirus at work.

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