Saturday 1 April 2017

Twitter Explores Subscription-Based Option for First Time


Tweetdeck Convenient Twitter Experience

Recently the company had mentioned that Twitter Inc. had been planning to build a premium kind of its well-known Tweetdeck interface targeted at professionals thereby raising the likelihood that it would collect subscription fees for the first time, from some users. Tweetdeck provides a much convenient Twitter experience by enabling the user to see various timeline in an easy interface comprising of various advanced features to benefit the most of Twitter.

 It also helps in managing numerous accounts, schedule Tweets for future posting build Tweet collections and much more. Similar to the other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API thus enabling the users in sending as well as receiving tweets and observe profiles. Tweetdeck tends to comprise of sequences of customisable columns that tend to be set up displaying the Twitter timeline of the user, mentions, direct messages, trends, list, search results, hastag, or all the tweets by or to an individual user.

Since its launch 11 years ago, Twitter like most of the other social media companies has focused on building a big user base for a free service with the help of advertising. It had reported last month that it had 319 million users all over the world.

Twitter Unsuccessful in Drawing Adequate Advertising Revenue

However unlike Facebook Inc. Twitter seemed to be unsuccessful in drawing adequate advertising revenue to gain profit in spite of its popularity with Donald Trump, the U.S. President while the other celebrities have made the network an endless hub of attention. A subscription fee could be helpful from a type of Tweetdeck, a prevailing interface which could be beneficialto users in exploringTwitter.

A survey is being done by Twitter to assess the interest in an updated and much more enhanced kind of Tweetdeck according to a spokeswoman Brielle Villablanca in a statement recently. She added that they conduct user research frequently in collecting feedback regarding the user’s Twitter experience as well as to improve their product investment decision.

They have been exploring a number of methods of making Tweetdeck more treasured for professionals. No indications have been provided stating that Twitter would consider charging fees form its users. Announcement of the survey had been disclosed on Twitter earlier wherein a journalist associated with the New York Times had displayed screenshot of what a premium version of Tweetdeck would probably appear like.

Advertising Revenue Progress – Lag User Growth

This kind of version would comprise of more powerful tools enabling marketers, professionals, journalist together with the others in the community to identify of what could be happening across the globe in a quicker manner, as per one of the screenshots displayed on the account @andrewtavani. The description had stated that the experience would be ad-free.

Social media firms like Microsoft Corp’s, MSFT.O, LinkedIn unit, have already tiered memberships together with subscription types which provide better access as well as data. Twitter had posted the slowest revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2016 since it had gone public four earlier ago where the revenue from the advertising had dropped year after year.

The company had also informed that advertising revenue progress would remain to lag user growth during 2017. Last year, financial markets wondered regarding the sale of Twitter though no concrete bids have come up.

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