Saturday 15 April 2017

The Top 15 Design Templates for a Landing Page for a Mobile Game 

There are a few things to consider when building a landing page for a mobile game, to make sure you give users a great first impression. Loading time, design aesthetic, and browser compatibility are among the most important factors in a mobile game landing page template. By installing the right template for your game's landing page, you can encourage users to download and play your game, and avoid losing traffic to slow or clunky-looking landing pages. Check out these top 15 design templates for your mobile game's landing page.

  2. APPMOB is a mobile app design template that will suit your game's landing page perfectly. That's because it's responsive, conforming to any mobile device's screen size without stretching the proportions of your images. This template uses clean coding and W3C valid HTML so you won't have any bugs or errors slowing your app down.
  1.  Flat Vault

  2. Flat Vault was created to be the ultimately diverse landing page. It can be used on just about any mobile app. It's responsive so it's a great choice right off the bat, but it also includes eye-catching color schemes, well-designed buttons and artistic touches around every corner. Flat Vault will bring life to your otherwise dull mobile gaming landing pages.
  1.  Wava

  2. The Wava template was designed specially for mobile apps. It uses HTML5 and CSS to create a fast-loading, responsive platform for your app. It makes the perfect loading page template because of its compatibility with all Android and Apple devices and browsers. Wava will work on any web hosting that allows HTML and CSS so you don't have to worry about host compatibility either.
  1.  PureCSS

  2. If you want simple development and unlimited design control, then PureCSS is the mobile gaming landing page for you. This page template is constructed of CSS3 and HTML5, and will work on any web platform. It's responsive and allows you to easily incorporate grids, tables, and menus, if your game calls for these elements.
  1.  Grayscale

  2. This landing page template is based on Twitter's Bootstrap and will work on any web hosting;server. It has dark color schemes, ideal for many gaming applications. This template also uses animated scrolling and other visual effects to create a more in-depth gaming environment.
  1.  Avira

  2. The Avira landing page works great on your mobile gaming marketing because it's results-driven. Use this page to draw users into your mobile game and collect user information such as email, name and age. This landing page can be installed in your actual app or on the website for your mobile game.
  1.  App King

  2. App King is a high resolution landing page template designed specifically for mobile apps and games. It works well in any mobile operating system or web browser. This is a 3-column page that uses Bootstrap and HTML5. Use App King for a generic, clean and organized landing page that won't distract users from the theme of your game.
  1.  Big Picture

  2. This landing page works great for mobile apps and games because it puts your media first. Use this simple one-page layout to display large images and screenshots from your game.
  1.  Deco Mobile

  2. Deco Mobile is high tech and responsive, it uses Bootstrap 3.x, CSS3 to create functional design. It also uses PHP and Ajax too for an input form that can allow you to offer sign-ups on your mobile game's landing page. That makes it a perfect choice for those wanting to consolidate the landing page and sign-up page into one screen.
  1.  Dodge

  2. Dodge is a landing page template for any mobile application. It comes in six main variants so you can customize the look and color scheme without the need for changing the CSS files. This landing page is great for those without much coding background, as it's easy to install and use. It has a contact form, "About Us" and "Pricing" sections to give your users all the information they need up front.
  1.  Appi

  2. This Envato-checked app is well designed and fully responsive. It includes a menu, a PHP form for sign ups and a Mailchimp-compatible contact form. This is great for games that offer tech support or customer service. Use Appi on your mobile gaming project to better engage with your users throughout the entire gaming process.
  1.  Royale

  2. Every mobile game needs a landing page that directs users to sign up or download the application. Royale will accomplish this for you with a Lightbox pop-out layout and strong Call to Action buttons. Use this creative, marketing-friendly landing page template to draw players into your game.
  1.  Apparent

  2. This creative landing page template from Themeforest will work well with any mobile game. It's responsive and easy to customize using SASS and Javascript. This landing page template uses a Parallax background, so it's great for landing pages with a lot of content or the need for scrolling.
  1.  Full Slider

  2. If you require a larger image slider for your landing page, then this is your best bet. It's based on Bootstrap 4 and CSS3 for maximum compatibility and a modern look. Full Slider uses a carousel-style slider to rotate your images or instruction screens. Consider using screenshots of your gameplay in the slider to entice users to get started playing.
  1.  Neon

  2. Neon is a fully responsive landing page template for any mobile app or game. It was built using Bootstrap and clean CSS3, and quality-checked by Envato. This mobile landing page offers a flat user interface and allows you to display video as well as images.
Landing pages are the first screen users see that represent your game or app, so despite their simplicity, they are vitally important to your game's branding. By selecting a landing page optimized for mobile games you can create a clean, professional look without sacrificing artistic creativity.

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