Monday 24 April 2017

Triboelectric Nanogenerators Boost Mass Spectrometry Performance

Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Scientists Successfully Boost the Mass Spectrometry Performance by Using Tribolectric Nanogenrators

The most basic problem which surfaces in the entire consumer electronics device is the power consumption. We are actively looking for such kind of power source which doesn’t put a hole in our pocket and helps in getting performance out of the device. Researchers have come with a solution by developing the triboelectric nanogenerators (TENG) which will help in converting the mechanical energy from the environment to electricity. And this electricity will be more than enough to power some of the small devices which include the sensors and consumer electronics products.

The team behind this remarkable technology

This technology has been developed by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology which can bring a trend of replacing the traditional power supplies with the TENG device for charging. Though in this case the TENG devices will be used of charging the molecules in the spectrometers and the research has shown that it take the sensitivity of it to an unimaginable level which is good in every way. Scientists have conducted few experiments on the smaller samples in order to understand the full extent of the applications of the TENG technology.

During their research it was found that this technology requires further study the TENG offers unique aspects in its output which has a remarkable high voltage as well as controlled current. This means that the TENG can help in making incredible improvements in the ionization process and later on increased voltage speed can be easily applied to the instrument without even damaging it. This research has already been published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology and quite incidentally this research has been supported by the Natural Science Foundation as well as Department of Energy and NASA astrology Program. Researchers has been modest about their astonishing technological discovery based on the nanogenerators by stating that it is quite new and it is being used in a very controlled manner in order to charge the molecules.

The remarkable finding of the research

Researchers have made use of this technology in the electrospray ionization and plasma discharge ionization wherein they have been able to generate singular polarity as well as alternating polarity of ion pulses. Researchers have successfully measured the voltage level present in the mass spec ionizer to be between the 6000 to 8000 volts. It is a great achievement given the fact that the standard iconizer presently in use can only operate at less than 1500 volts.

The future application of the TENG technology

Researchers have retrofitted the tech technology to existing mass spectrometers and this has been done in the lab with great success. Their research has already been published in some of the journals and researchers are hopeful that more number of people starting making use of the TENG technology in not just the mass spectrometry but even other areas. This nanogenerators based technology will certainly help in getting more power for our daily use devices without spending huge amount of time and money.

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