Monday 24 April 2017

Google Uses Neural Networks to Translate Without Transcribing

Google Makes Use of the Neural Networks for Translating without Even Transcribing

Google is actively working towards enhancing its translation abilities to a whole new level where it can be helpful and promptest in every manner. Google eagerly wants to help the mankind in communicating with people in different language by translating the speech rather than the text language. Almost all the translation tools focuses on translating the text rather than text and Google understand the amount of good work it can bring with it.

The machine translation will actually work by translating the speech into the text then that text is translated in another language. In case the machine gets any kind of error while recording the speech then it will result in error prone language translation which will fail to serve the purpose which it is intended to do. This is where Google is working at.

The Google Brain

Google has deployed a large number of researchers at the Google Brain where they are making use of the deep learning research facility for better results. Researchers have started making use of the neural networks which can help in skipping transcription while translating any given speech at a faster pace with higher level of accuracy.

Researchers has spent huge amount of time which counts into hundreds of hours in training the system with Spanish to improve its translation skills into the English language. The system present at the Google at first went to analyze the waveform of the Spanish audio in order to learn who he different parts of the language tend to correspond with the words in the written English language. Later on this system was entrusted with the task of translating the speech and its was do so with great accuracy and precision through making use of the neural layers.

The capability of this system

A researcher from the University of Montreal who wasn’t a part of this research has stated that the capability of the Google Brain is mind-blowing. It has the ability to find the patterns of the correspondence between the various waveforms. These waveforms happen to be present in the source language as well as the written text. Over the time where learning phase is initiated The Google Brain has the ability to bring one of the best English translations of the Spanish speech.

The quality of translated of the speech is evaluated using the BLEU which helps in understanding how good machine based translations are when compared to the professional human.

The future application of this system

Google developed system will be of great use for translating the speeches in such languages which is usually done by very few people. It can play a vital role during international disaster relief wherein teams can make use of a robust translation system in order to communicate with people who speak different language. An incident can help in imploring its advantages this system as in 2010’s Haiti earthquake the relief team had a hard time in conversing with the people speaking Haitian Creole.

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