Sunday, 21 September 2014

MIT Cheetah Robot Gets Enables through New Algorithm to Run and Jump

Cheetah Robot
Cheetah is known for its speed and agility. With the accelerated speed of up to 60 mph in few seconds it is known to be the fastest land predator on earth. It has the ability to pump its legs in tandem when in top speed, bounding until it is able to reach a full gallop.

At the moment the researchers from MIT have worked and developed an algorithm for bounding, which they have been able to successfully able to implement it inside a robotic cheetah. This robotic cheetah is a sleek, which is a four legged assembly of gears, batteries and electric motor that weighs almost similar to the feline counterpart.

The research team was able to take the robot for a test run on the Killian Court of MIT, where the robotic cheetah was able to across the grass with a stable clip. When the experiment was conducted indoors, the cheetah was able to sprint to 10 mph and still continued running after clearing the hurdle. According to the researcher, the current version of this robot is estimated to reach to a speed of 30 mph.

Bounding Key: 

The key to the algorithm was to program each leg to exert a specific force in split second at time of hitting the ground and to maintain speed. In general faster the speed the more force is required for propelling the robot faster.

According to Sangbae Kim, an associate professor at MIT mechanical engineering department, force-control approach applied to the robot is the same as that of sprinters race. As per him due to this approach the robotic cheetah is able to handle the rougher terrain which includes jumping across a grassy field.

He also stated that since most of the robots are heavily built they are unable to handle and control the force in high speed scenarios. This is what makes the MIT cheetah extraordinary as the force can be easily controllable. The cheetah is dynamic because of the electric motor which has been designed by Jeffrey Lang who is Vitesse Professor of Electrical Engineering and the custom design. These motors have been designed to be controlled by amplifier which was designed by David Otten who research engineer in MIT's Research Laboratory of Electronics.

Towards the main gait: 

The act of running has been parsed into various bio mechanically different gaits. The first model chosen by the researcher involves the actions similar to that of rabbits. In this the bounding has been categorized in terms of the front legs hitting the ground together which is followed by the movement of the hind legs.

According to Kim, bounding is the entry gait and galloping is the main gait. Once bounding has been reached, one can split the legs to get galloping.

In general when an animal bound, their legs will touch the ground before they start the cycling process within second’s gap. In bio mechanics, the percentage of time the legs is on the ground rather than the air is known as duty cycle. The speed of the animal determines the duty cycle.

According to Kim, their robotic cheetah can be silent as well as be efficient like an animal. The only thing one can hear is the legs hitting the ground. This should be expected from any legged robot in future.

Google Chrome 38 Browser and It’s Profile Management

Chrome 38
Google has released a new beta version of Chrome namely Chrome 38. Let us have a look and feel the changes in it and check whether it is up to the user satisfaction or else for beyond it. With new Chrome 38 Google has integrated a new menu for managing more profiles of different users. The developers are hardly trying to give a tough fight to the Mozilla in the integration of the first WebRTC service in Firefox 33, Google is working on Chrome 38 on a unified control for user profiles, enabled the new guest mode and promises else a lot of new stuff in every nook and edges as much as possible on their own style and way.

The most novel and striking feature of Chrome 38 is their user profile management system. In this new Chrome 38 the user can switch between different profiles very easily and swiftly. This integration is useful when multiple users share a single system. Even though handling of multiple profiles of the users is not new in Chrome and however it is inducted already but those functions and options were hidden in depths of the settings and most of the users hardly notice such options.

To create a new profile, you must call the settings dialog to do so. Besides the possibility to change the profile, the new menu also offers the option to switch to guest mode of the browser. Even though, this option is available since from the version 36 of the chrome, but it was not given much importance and hardly noticed.

But now the guests can use Chrome browser more effectively and on closing of the browser they won’t leave any traces of their foot print in the system. But unlike the incognito mode, a guest mode also serves to protect your privacy, as the guest also could not get your personal data’s like history book marks etc.

Even though it is limited this is possible because every user profile is password protected and also you have an option for switch to one profile from others. The guest user can open Chrome window in visitor mode by clicking in the bottom left of the Chrome. The Windows users of 64- bit version user can download the Chrome 38 or upgrade to Chrome 38 from Chrome 37 without any hindrance where as the users of the Apple's OS X operating system wait some more time for a 64-bit version.

For the Windows users, the browser will do the choice between a 32 and 64-bit version automatically. The latest Chrome 38 beta is flawless and the performance remains at the high level of its predecessor, its V8 benchmark gains more points when compared with its predecessor Chrome 37.

 Most innovations deliver Chrome 38 under the hood. Images can be flexibly installed in responsive web pages, which is mainly when browsing with smart phones and tablets of advantage. Developers get for the same the right tools at hand to make it easier to build the WebPages. In addition, the Chrome developer made JavaScript support of your browser with the help of maps and sets as well as new mathematical functions on vigorously.

Interesting for the Android version of the browser is the introduction of the Screen Orientation API and the API NetInfo. Using the former recognize apps when the device orientation changes and prevent, if necessary, the automatic screen rotation. With the second interface asking Apps from the nature of the current network connection to the system and restart it to the strong Wi fi available, if the user is downloading large files then clear when Wi-Fi is available.

With Chrome 38 for Android Google fits the browser continues to material design, the new design language of future Android version. In addition, Chrome is now able to read out the charge state of the Smartphone and, where appropriate, adapt its behavior. Chrome 38 offers equipped with Android L on a Nexus device, have the option to integrate the individual tabs from Chrome in the App Overview of Android.

Open the advanced settings of the browser (and Enable Context search field, can be converted into a web search after restarting the app marked items easy. With Chrome 38 Google Product Care operates in the broadest sense. Even though the new version does have to offer some interesting new features, but the big highlights are still missing.

Thus, the Profile Management is the only special feature in the new design and the protection of the inn mode fall without a password protection from straightforward. Under the hood, though dormant, it primarily benefits the most web developers.

A One Stop Destination for Dream College

IIT, Chennai

To get to know on some of the featured colleges you could visit this Educational Portal wherein all details with regards to higher education is made available providing the students with the various options in the different fields of education like Engineering, Science, Medical, Arts, Commerce, Law etc.The platform has been provided to enable the student with the opportunity of pursuing their education by making an appropriate decision in their career which could help them with a great future.

It has been great to empower the youth with vision which can be fulfilled on making a right choice that could be beneficial to them in the long run. This portal is a one stop destination for students to search for their dream college with available courses and much more. For the parents, it is one of the ideal platforms for appropriate institutes for their child which provides a multichannel choice to choose from for their future studies.

 For educational institutes, the site provides a platform which aims in providing quality leads to help them in bringing about highly motivated candidates with algorithm for data, enabling the segregation of data to multiple stages with provision of an edge to clients on the lookout for active as well as specific database.

Extensive Search Engine For Student/Parents/Educational Institutes

The site provides an extensive search engine for parents, students as well as industry seekers who intend to gain information with regards to higher studies in India and abroad. By using their search, the user is navigated to the engineering section which provides the information and details of the various engineering colleges in the categories of Chemical, Civil, Aerospace, Electrical, Micro Electronics, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering that are available for those intending to further enhance their education.

Their Engineering Institutes comprises of various sections which provide top quality education and teaching faculties together with short term programs with best suitable options for their students. You could check on the availability of `distance’ as well as `on campus’ options according to the requirement together with the preferred location, at the site.Proper guidelines have been provided to direct the students to renowned Institutes to study Engineering and Science.

Free Counseling for Students

On following the Science tab, you arrive at a list with different Science Institutes available in India wherein detailed information with regards to fee, address, photos and videos, brochure, amenities, hostels, descriptions together with approval and placement which is also displayed at the site for the viewers.

Provisions with all the details to engineering related college at various locations across the country are available at the site, with full descriptions together with the rating which could enable those seeking admission in any of the colleges according to their choice in making the right decision.With the option of brochure made available together with telephone no. etc. students can apply online by providing the essential information required by them for enrollment.

On furnishing the required details, the individual has the facility of free counseling, detailed information on the fee structure, eligibility etc. with updated information sent via email to the student. With all the information readily available at the fingertips, admission and enrollment is made a lot easier while seeking for information and admission in any of these institutes for those intending a bright career and a future.

Microsoft to Purchase Minecraft Creator Mojang for $2.5 Billion

According to the reports, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), developers of Xbox video-game console are now ready to acquire the software company, Mojang AB. This company is behind the most popular game Minecraft and now will be acquired for $2.5 billion. This was carried out in a bid with the aim to boost their Xbox and mobile business.

According to Microsoft, even though Stockholm-based Mojang will be officially joining the game-studio division of the world’s largest software developers, the company’s founder is expected to carry on with their other projects of the company.

As per the statement given by Microsoft on September 16th, this purchase is expected to be closed late this year and will be launched on 2015. This deal is being considered as the biggest deal since the change of CEO at Microsoft. This game will give Nadella, CEO, with a game which is popular and all platforms and devices made by the company itself as well as rivals like Apple etc.

This acquisition has come at the right time wherein the company is looking for investment in their Xbox strategy and trying to venture into highly competitive mobile-phone arena. Microsoft is looking forward to make Minecraft be available on all software platforms which includes personal computer, Apple iOS, Google Inc Android and Sony Corporation play station console.

Overseas Revenue: 

According to Peter Wootton, company spokesman, Redmond which is the Microsoft’s Washington based office, is planning to pay for this deal through their cash which is held overseas. This means company will have favorable tax results. According to the CEO, they don’t consider Mindcraft just as a great gaming franchise, but it is an open platform around the world and is pushed forward through a very vibrant community of people, which the company cherishes. This platform will offer vast opportunity for Microsoft as well as the community. As per the reports till June, 54 million copies of this Mojang game has been sold in all different forms.

Approach of Markus Persson

This deal was reached due to the conversation between the Majong’s founder and Microsoft regarding their experience with Minecraft on Xbox. This deal was advised by JPMorgan Chase & Co and based on this Majong agreed for the deal with Microsoft and been working on framework and pricing. According to Mojang’s co-founder Markus Persson, he is just a basic computer programmer not an entrepreneur. He stated that he doesn’t understand the concept and how it works and doesn’t want anything to come back to him.

Risks to Microsoft

Microsoft is taking a huge risk purchasing Minecraft, which is currently at the apex of popularity and Mojang without their founders may not be able to grow at a fast pace and develop sequel. Minecraft was available earlier this month on all new generation of consoles, PlayStation 4, etc.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

My Passport Wireless

My Passport Wireless
Western Digital (WD)Company, a world leader in connected storage solutions, unveiled a new product called My Passport Wireless on September 3rd of this month. It is a drive that can serve as an all-in-one device performing multiple functions, which normally requires separate devices to work. It is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled storage drive that enable users to save, access and transfer stored content wirelessly through any smartphone, tablet, computer or other devices.

This portable drive expands its usefulness through a wide range of customers from a frequent business traveller to a family on a trip or a creative professional working in his/her field, serving as a back-up for important documents, etc. and helps you free up the memory space of your mobile or tablets of limited memory capacity.

Product Features:
  • Get more attached without attachments: It is free of wires and the internet, yet having the ability to connect with up to 8 devices at the same time.
  • Built-in SD card slot: It can instantly transfer photos and videos from your SD card and provides a back-up for the same as well.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The long lasting, Built-in, rechargeable battery gives that extra mobility to the product that will keep you going for longer duration. It can get up to 6 hours of continuous streaming of video and about 20 hours of stand-by time.
  • Wireless connection with your devices: It is able to interact with your media files through your tablets and smartphones with WD’s My CloudTM mobile app. It can store and access files securely from anywhere on any iOS or Android devices.
  • Stream media to connect devices: It can stream up to 4HD videos at once to multiple devices and also has the ability to stream your media to connected TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA/UpnP devices.
  • Sharing internet network: My Wireless Passport device can be used as a Wi-Fi hub to share internet connection with multiple devices.
  • Privacy: It keeps you secure from unauthorised access with Wi-Fi password protection for each and every saved files. In addition, it can protect your drive from USB access using Drive Lock provided in the device dashboard.
  • Control: You can feel yourself in control of the device by using the intuitive Dashboard that will help you configure, manage and diagnose your drive.
  • High speed USB connection: The drive provides you with an Ultra-fast USB 3.0 port that will enable you to transfer large amounts of data to the drive in a matter of seconds.
Price and Availability 

This latest product of WD is currently available for advance order online at the and will be available at selected US retailers later this September. MSRP is $129.99 USD for 500GB, $179.00 USD for 1TB and $219.99 USD for 2TB. The WD My Cloud app is available online for free in the App Store and Google Play.