Sunday, 31 May 2015

Huawei Unveils APT Big Data Security Solution

Huawei has developed a new solution, which can effectively deals with certain network solutions and attacks in an impressive manner. It has unveiled at the Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015 its new solution, which is aimed at protecting the users against the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) as well as the denial-of service (DdoS), attacks. Huawei has maintained that this new solution is a ground breaking in itself wherein it will help in protecting the core information assets of the enterprises through fully connected network protection cloud, pipe and services.

The New Solution Features

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) is becoming much more common these days, which are used to snoop of the information from the servers. This has resulted in major inconsistencies and leakage of important data for the enterprises apart from just the loss of data. This solution will possess the Huawei’s FireHunter series of security sandbox products along with Cybersecurity Intelligent System (CIS) and USG6000V series of software firewall products.

More Plans To Strengthen Security For Big Data

Huawei is very much concerned about the APT and it has announced some plans to form a Cloud Clean Alliance (CCA). This will be helpful in providing real-time cleaning services for any DDoS attacks on a worldwide scale. Furthermore it will also protect the bandwidth availability of links and continuity of data centre services at the same time.

Huawei has stressed upon the need of a robust and functional Cloud Clean Alliance, which is designed to provide quick and effective DDoS traffic cleaning service on a global. This will be beneficial both for the users and partners as well as for the Huawei as a vendor of the service.

Business should forward towards building an ecosystem, which is agile, secure and robust in nature. This can be achieved only by the cooperation between the enterprise, organizations and individuals in creating a better-connected world with a secure network environment.

New Threats To Arise In Future

The introduction of modern wearable technologies and rise in the internet-connected devices which are termed as Internet of Things (IoT) will not just make the life comfortable but it will also increase the network security threats. Around 70% of such IoT devices will suffer from security vulnerability specifically due to the lack of proper authentication and transmission encryption. This will result in the increase of security attacks or it can even lead to become a springboard of APT attacks and targets for botnet attacks.

Huawei’s FireHunter series comes to the rescue with its series of sandbox security, which are equipped with reputation system and multilayer inspection technology. This technology allows it to inspect over 180,000 files per day in order to seek and eliminate such attacks on the big data.

Future Prospects Of Huawei’s New Solution

Security products should be designed in such a way that it meets modern requirements such as flexible deployment capabilities to bolster their performance. Huawei’s APT Big Data Security Solution and the esteemed Cloud Clean Alliance are developed on the same grounds and they are capable in helping the customers in building a much cleaner and more secure network environment for strengthening the business.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Use Technology as a Tool to Make your Property Investment Worthy

IF you have disposable income that you want to invest in the long term, then the best option today is to invest in property. Over the years, the Indian property business has grown at a steady pace and despite the slowdown in the past few years, it has exhibited immense potential for growth. Today if you are looking forward to invest anywhere long term, the property business is the arena to go far. Even though the business is no longer as lucrative as it had been earlier, it certainly has a charm that can no longer be denied. However the main question of finding the right property and actually purchasing it remains. Purchasing a house may seem like a cake walk but involves a lot of work in the long run. Over the years the real estate business has streamline d a little but enough is left to be ascertained. Therefore it becomes essential that one engages the services of property agents as while when deciding to embark on a home purchase.

How to search for houses and real estate agents? 

Assume you are looking for real estate agents in Mumbai. One way to go about finding houses is via the services of the real estate agents. To find the agents however you may need to visit the locality where your interest in house investment lies. But there is an easier way as well. One can log into the property portal and scroll down to the option where one can find real estate agents. You have the option to either select Mumbai or even a locality in Mumbai. In case you select Mumbai, you would see the map of Mumbai with a large number of markers on it. When the locality is searched, the map of the locality will be revealed with the markers on it. Each of these markers represents a property agent. However what would a user do if the user wanted to learn about the houses that these agents are offering as well. Would he/she have to personally visit the agent and then go and check the houses out or is there another way. has always been working towards the benefits of the consumers and therefore the portal has created a system where one can also find out the properties that these real estate agents are offering. When one clicks on the marker, some of the basic details of the property agents are revealed. Alongside, all the houses that they are in charge of are also listed here.’s reliable property exploration features are available here as well and one can view all the houses, choose the one to shortlist and eventually meet the agent to decide on finalizing it.

How does offer reliable agents? has been working towards creating a sense of transparency in the search of houses online. It has invested considerably in operations and all the sites listed on the portal are verified. The agents of the portal visit each of them to verify their details. Similarly, these agents also visit the offices of real estate brokers in Mumbai to verify their credentials and learn about all the details possible about them.

In Conclusion has always worked towards the benefit of consumers and hence has offered this feature.

Google I/O Rumours: Android M will Aim to Improve Battery, RAM Usage

Google I/O began on 28th May and a lot of rumors have started making its way out in the open. Most of it center round the new development and features integration in the Google’s latest and upcoming Android iteration which is termed as Android M. Rumors have indicated the effort is given towards boosting battery usage and RAM performance in the upcoming Android M.

Better Battery Life and Flawless Multi Tasking For Android Users In Store

These reports had been first publishing on the Android Police which has maintained that Google has some extraordinary plans to impeccably improve the battery in Android OS along with improving the RAM performance. The battery performance will be improved through cutting the number of “location checking.”

Google is focusing its energies towards reducing the RAM usage, which will bolster the multi taking on the Android devices. Improved RAM usage will make the device to run a wide number of apps with ease at the same time without any glitches and freezing. Google is also seeking to keep the activities to minimum when the device’s screen is off in order to save the battery for a longer period.

Set Privacy Controls In New Android M

An earlier report has affirmed that Google also has plans to bring new advanced feature in its Android OS to make it more secure and user friendly. Google will be reintroducing the feature to tweak the privacy controls in Android M. This feature will give the users the much-needed option of deciding what information they are willing to share with apps.

Apple’s prominent and much popular iOS already possesses this feature which allows its users to control which app will get access to which permission. Google’s plans of bringing a similar kind of feature will make Android OS at par with Apple’s iOS. But currently Android OS doesn’t have any such feature to restrict permissions like locations, contacts, messaging etc. during the installation of the app.

Android M To Make Debut In August 2015

The latest Android OS will make a debut in August, which is quite early by the Google’s standards. Moreover, it should be noted that new OS rollouts for the Android devices that do not come underway much earlier than the December. So most probably Android users will get the taste of the advanced OS no sooner than next year and it even depends on the manufactures to bring in updates after its release. This inconsistency in getting updates over a longer period of time rather than quick deployment can be blamed upon the fragmented ecosystem of Android.

However, one should not get too excited about these reports and rumors at the moment as it might even end up being a hoax. If these rumors happens to be true then Android users will be sure-shot winners wherein there device will become much more powerful and robust with its given specification. Users should wait for the time when Google Android M is revealed and launched. And it might happen the name of the Android may change at the last moment just like in case of Lollipop.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Microsoft – Free Upgrades to Updated Operating System

Windows 10
Microsoft will be offering free upgrades to its updated operating system, Window 10, though only for selected individuals. However, it is uncertain at the moment as to what will happen to those who are not provided with this offer. Recent versions users of Windows 7 and 8 will be provided with the choice of upgrading for free in the first year when Windows 10 will be out and users will have to purchase the software thereafter though those with the older versions of Windows and those made for tablets would be missing out of it.

Users of the home version of Windows 7 and 8 have already been informed by Microsoft that they will get Window 10 Home for free while users of the pro versions of that operating system will be given the corresponding edition of Window 10.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the situation on Windows XP and Windows Vista and it seems that users working on those systems would have to purchase the new version of Windows 10. Those intending to build new computers from the start are likely to have to do the same, buying a new version of Windows 10 for their new computer.

Windows As a Service

Users on Windows RT which is the special version of Windows 8, made for mobile devices would also be left out while selected devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 are promised with some type of upgrade though it is not known if it would be a full version of Window 10.

Microsoft is attempting to get as part of their plan in ensuring that developers could make their programs, being aware of what operating systems they would be used on. The company is also publicizing the new operating system as `Windows as a service’ –not as one single piece of software but a continually updated platform.

Microsoft is striving to do everything it is capable of in ensuring that Windows 10 retains its core market of enterprise users. The company, as part of this, declared Microsoft Update for Business at its Ignite conference in early May and one of the main shake-ups which Windows 10 is planning to introduce to the standard Windows formula is the gradual system, incremental updates brought on by the shift to Platform-as-a-Service.

Microsoft Update for Business

Continuous series of rolling upgrades however could be stressful for IT departments and in order to overcome this issue, Microsoft Update for Business seems to be an appropriate solution enabling IT managers to perfect which devices as well as the systems in a company receive Windows updates at which time.

It permits the specification of maintenance windows that could be used to designate when/when not to apply updates ensuring that the systems will not be unavailable at critical times. Besides this, the machines can be anonymously kept up to date. The forthcoming OS of Microsoft will enable users to apply for software updates and app downloads by using a network of other Windows 10 users basically peer-to-peer updates.

Microsoft has stated that `once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it up to date for the supported lifetime of the device, keeping it more secure and introducing new features and functionality over time – for no additional charge’.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Paranoid Defence Controls Could Criminalise Teaching Encryption

In present world, where democracy and freedom are the buzzword, people are not ready to get under any kind of control in their individual and collective life. But we can see various kinds and degrees of controls or maneuverings are there, imposed by the state or statutory bodies to cut the free and uninterrupted access to many facilities in our life.

Education, teaching and research are not exception and get controlled in many ways that potentially curb the freedom of having knowledge on a variety of fields. It is always advocated by many scholars and academicians to keep the education and knowledge based research works out of any kind of direct or virtual control.

Defense Controls – A Synopsis

Defense Trade Controls Act has been passed in Australia and will be enforced very soon; according to that act, even innocent teaching and research activities, will be considered as an offence under Australian defense export control laws. People are at a bind about the technology supplies, as the government has a list, named Australian government's Defense and Strategic Goods List (DSGL), which contains some specific products those are considered very important for national security. In this perspective, the control has been imposed and the peculiarity of this list is; there are some listed products, which have both military and civil uses. This makes the control a real headache for everyone, involved in knowledge based profession and studies.

Even unknowingly one can be a potential lawbreaker by just sending a mail or message to someone outside the country, which can be adjudged as a criminal offence and could attract a penalty or even imprisonment. Encryption is one such issue that has a “dual-use” character; while one can use this as a mathematical subject but at the same time it has potentially being used in various military services. Therefore, there is always a danger in practicing this particular methodology because anytime the user may be caught on the wrong foot and succumbed to be booked under the law.

Encryption – A Brief Sketch

This is nothing but a process, where by encoding and decoding, the two important part of cryptography, of a message, the privacy of the message are being maintained. Encryption is used in our daily life in many ways to protect the consumer right, identity theft etc. and is not confined in the very bastion of defense spying and espionage activities. Nowadays, both encryption and decryption are important parts of the secured communication study. Like vehicles, telephones; encryption also falls in the category of “dual-use” product and exposed to the vulnerability.

Law, Encryption and more…

Now, if the state misuses its power to curb the study of encryption, it would have long and deep consequences in the teaching process. The people, involved in this particular segment of study, will try their best to acquire the knowledge and always with a fear of breaking the bindings of the law. Teaching of Encryption would essentially ruin the joy of getting knowledge, due to this control, and make the study more and more of criminal nature.