Friday 23 March 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - I

The new iPad out (which is selling like hotcakes), we must now find his application for benefit. Luckily, the writing was applied to find the best free apps for the Apple tablet. We selected 50 essential, word processing to the weather service not to mention the inevitable games.
Critical applications

With the new iPad, replacing the iPad 2, Apple continues to build on his tablet to enrich an App Store still rich applications. So few applications have already adapted to the new screen resolution Retina of the third version of the Apple tablet, there are very many that do not need to get out his wallet. Word processing to complete the essential weather application through full games, here is our selection of the best free applications for the iPad.


The big screen iPad offers many possibilities. Accuweather shows it is possible to propose a refined design weather application: menus are superb, the card comes in the form of an animation by activating other depressions and anticyclones. It is of course possible to search geolocated, or enter the name of a city. The database of cities available in France is not huge but enough to fill his office. Note that a large number of indicators are included in the application: grass growth, arthritis, asthma, use of beaches, cycling, golf, hiking, jogging, migraine, mosquitoes ... We particularly appreciated the way hour by hour, original and well thought out.

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