Thursday, 1 March 2012

Apple could change the connector of the iPhone 5

Rumors suggest that Apple could get rid of its current phones connector for a small one on the iPhone 5.The famous "dock connector" port that team owner who all Apple mobile devices since 2001, could disappear with the iPhone 5 in favor of a new intake. It is reported that the site iMore, which evokes the economy as a result of space in the unit.

Smaller connector would therefore his arrival on the iPhone 5, but Apple would not be ready for the micro-USB as the new standard on the phone.
By getting rid of the cumbersome 30-pin jack, Apple could gain a considerable space in his phone and potentially revise downward its dimensions.

While this information remains about the rumor, Apple fans already are facing a fundamental question: what will become compatible accessories for all iPods, iPhones and iPads market? This kind of consideration has not always held back Apple in its efforts, but the brand could offer an optional adapter for the transition.

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