Friday, 9 March 2012

Free Mobile would have slowed the deployment of base stations

While ARCEP has already issued two reports that Free Mobile complies with its obligations of national coverage, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) was seized by Eric Besson to learn more about the Free network. Its findings are expected by the end of March, but the progress report published recently has shown little praise for the fourth mobile operator.
Posted by The Point, the document in question reveals that "the number of antennas expressed readiness to issue has stabilized since October 2011." The agency has 955 active antennas in effect in October, against 979 in February. In other words, nearly three months before its launch, Free has established that very few new 3G masts.

ANFR also notes an interesting point: the geographical separation between the antennas. She notes that especially in areas well covered by Orange, such as Strasbourg, Marseille and Rennes, little effort has been made despite covering the densest population in these regions. That will justify network congestion since the arrival of Orange Free according ANFR, which is why ARCEP had just one method of calculation, but on the "theoretical coverage." Figures ANFR on "effective coverage" of Free Mobile should make themselves known at the end of the month.

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