Saturday 10 March 2012

Angelina: artificial intelligence that creates video games

Angelina is programming concept. Behind him lies an artificial intelligence able to move from human to create video games.

Autonomous, Angelina designs all aspects of game development levels the behavior of enemies and bonuses. After assembling all the pieces, Angelina pushes its creation in a test phase. This simulates a part and to determine the best ways to complete levels. The process is repeated 400 times to cross check the results.
From a technical standpoint, it is not yet at the latest blockbuster. The games are coded in 8 bits, the equivalent of Nes Nintendo or Sega Master System. The parties are still sound and graphics to do manually. This is Michael Cook in charge of this phase. It is this student at Imperial College London who is the source of Angelina. It is not surprising that artificial intelligence come lend a hand to developers in the near future. For now, it is already possible to test the securities it has developed.


  1. its nice
    i didn't know about angelina

  2. Sometimes I feel all this is like a sci-fi movie...

  3. I'm a gamer and I'm glad that I found this post on Indiblogger. Didn't know much about Angelina though.

    Thanks for the useful information :)

    Happy blogging!


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