Thursday, 8 March 2012

FILING full of French people: the law is passed

The National Assembly voted yesterday afternoon the bill on the "identity protection". After several months of debate in Parliament, it will be required to appear in this file of the entire French population. The text provides for the establishment of a new biometric identity card. Its chip will contain the holder's personal data: name, sex, date and place of birth, address, height, color of eyes, two fingerprints and a photograph. A second chip can be considered for use within an administrative or when buying online.
But it is above the constitution of the TES file (Titles electronic secure ) that is being debated. It will contain all of the biometric identity card, but will primarily be used by the police. This is part of what is being debated, as are the terms of its adoption.

Opinion of the CNIL vs. identity theft

Through a bill (made by a parliamentarian) rather than a bill (from government), the Interior Ministry can do without any study of the subject by the CNIL and the Council of State. Possible risks of setting up such a database are in fact unknown. It could then be glad that for the first time such a law on this subject is debated in the Assembly, but no depth group discussion took place. When it was adopted on first reading, were present in the Chamber that seven members of the majority and the opposition 4.

However, the CNIL had an unfavorable opinion in December 2007 on the Decree of Ministry of Interior installing the biometric passport. Governments in turn justify the decision to establish the TES by protecting the identity of the French, this preventing them from being victims of a possible identity theft.

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