Friday 23 March 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - II


If you are still not satisfied with the application Apple iBook, you can now switch to an equivalent created by Amazon: Kindle. The application gives you access to the catalog of very webmarchand provided, and you can access it directly on your iPhone, without needing to use the device from Amazon.


SoundHound is much less known than the inevitable Shazzam, yet it is its main competitor and a worthy opponent. SoundHound offers the same option as the music recognition which made its predecessor famous. But it goes further by recognizing the songs as sung or whistled. Finally its many options will not only listen to his songs but also to have access to their words, to clip and various information about the artist.


After a failed launch on the App Store Gmail is actually available on the Apple tablet. The Webmail Google finally offers a dedicated application, to the fluid interface and particularly reactive. Among the advantages of the application, we can add an attachment (photo, video, etc..) Directly from a message and the search system has been optimized.

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