Thursday, 3 October 2013

Android overtakes iPad in tablet race

The ipad is the one of the best selling product of Apple Inc; it takes the people in a new dimension and let them to know various types of information through their iPad. iPad received a big check to its dominance. It takes over its presence all over the world; until the release of android tablets, Apple iPad plays a dominant role in market. But android is becoming a popular open source operating software which can be used in both tablets and mobile phone. Release of android tablets by several top leading manufactures has boosts the sales of android tablets in this market which affects the sales of the iPad.

The survey report from the ABI research states that during the second quarter of 2013, the android tablets have overtaken the iPad in volumes. The amount of the total android tablets sold is more than that of the iPad. But the revenue from the android tablets was shared by the various manufacturers; the Apple has taken its whole share of the money. It’s true that no single android tablet manufacturers has comes close to the Apple while compared to the volume of product sold.

As per result of the survey, the android tablets have taken the place by selling devices of different manufacturers. As a whole, the android tablets has sold more than the Apple; but the products are in the combinations of various manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, Sony, Amazon and more. The Apple has only two products out for the customers. The iPad mini and full-sized iPad are available still in the market. The android has slightly takes the count but it has to be split into many different ways according to the manufacturers.

When compared to the profit, apple has spent more money in promoting their products through various advertisement programs. In 2013, the apple has heavily promoted its product and most of the products which were sold in the quarters of 2013 are only iPad Mini. This has reduced down the amount of the income for the Apple. But android has taken a lead in different meaningful way; the amount of profit per product has comparatively high while compared to iPad. The rumor mill has stated that the apple has its own plan for boost up the sales of its product to regain its first place.

Why Internet Security is Important to Small Businesses

Online security isn’t just important to businesses – it’s important to every user of the Internet. We all have something to lose when we’re online; we are all vulnerable. As an individual, knowing that your emails have been hacked is enough of a breach of privacy, let alone if you’re a business which has a lot more to lose.
Whether we like it or not, the increasing dominance of the Internet has brought with it a rise in hackers and cybercrime. The best way in which we can deal with the prevalence is by ensuring that we’re safe and secure, at home and at work.

Small businesses are becoming increasingly targeted. According to a part one of an infographic, targeted attacks on small businesses have risen by 13% between 2011 and 2012. The Symantec infographic, found in two parts, exposes some web threat trends that may be of interest to you and your business and may help you to understand the importance of internet security for small businesses.
The fact of the matter is, cybercrime can happen to anyone. Small businesses may not think that they’re vulnerable but the infographic shows that they are. It’s important the business owners don’t become complacent with an “it won’t happen to me” attitude. If suitable security measures are in place and updated regularly, the chance of a malicious attack is substantially smaller. Protecting yourself online isn’t just a technical measure though; it’s also down to you and the policies you implement so that every employee knows how to be as secure as possible while online.

Something as easy to install as reliable anti-virus software can help to maintain a high level of security for your business network. This sort of software is well worth the investment and, on the grand scale of things, is inexpensive too. Once it’s installed, it will help to spot any malicious activity, by warning you before opening attachments that it may deem suspicious, and also scanning the websites you visit and flagging up any that are vulnerable or are potential phishing sites.

As a business, your efforts shouldn’t stop at your online activity. You should also ensure that your business network is protected, too. Most small businesses that use more than one computer are connected to a network which can be targeted by unscrupulous third parties. According to the infographic mentioned, the vast majority of security breaches came from outside business networks, meaning that strong user passwords, wireless passwords and private SSIDs are essential.

By implementing some simple measures, your business will be as safe as possible and should, hopefully, be able to avoid any prolific security attack. Unfortunately, nothing you do will make you completely invincible, but ensuring that some element of protection is in place will mean that chances of your business being caught out are much less.

Your employees need to understand the importance of online security so that they don’t unwittingly cause your business to be victimised. Appropriate training and business policies should be put into place so that every working day can run smoothly.

Being aware of online security issues is the first step towards protecting yourself from cybercrime. Educate yourself and your staff to minimise the risk to your business.

by Roxanne

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Most important Android Apps for You

Android is becoming a trend for the teen around this globe. The developers and the android market place are coming with new features and also various implementations are done with android operating system. In this post, you can find the leading android apps in the android store.

1. Gmail:

Gmail is the one of the best android app for your mobile and it is selected as a must have tool for each and every android mobiles. It allows you to get your mail instantly on your mobile. Gmail Android app is specially built for Gmail Users to get their mail on their mobile more efficiently and reliably. You can get your emails through push message and various pop up notifications can be set in order to notify the incoming events.

2. Google play services:
It is predefined app that comes in all kind of android mobiles that are launched by various leading manufacturers. Google play services are the software which acts as a portal for down loading android apps in your mobile. You can manage your software updates by using Google play services itself. It allows you to get notifications and popup messages when any sort of function is performed. Gmail app also allows you to manage your multiple accounts and you can easily view your attachments and set up the labels.

3. Facebook: 

Facebook mobile app is the top leading and most downloaded apps in the play store which allows synchronizing your Facebook accounts with your mobile. By using Facebook mobile apps you can import your Facebook contacts into your mobile phonebook. This app allows you to connect to various peoples around the world very easily. You can easily share your updates over the app and you can do group chat conversation using your mobile Facebook app. It enables you to access your Facebook profile at any time instantly.
4. Maps: 
Maps are the must have apps that are downloaded by the people for finding various places, selecting and travelling to the destination, etc… GPS uses your predefined maps to show your exact location on your mobile devices. People used to download more android apps which are related to maps to find various places by simply hitting the names on your mobile screen. Map application also uses a GPS system to show your approximate location and you can get you exact position by using global positioning system.
5. Youtube: 

YouTube is a featured application that streams the YouTube videos on your mobile without entering into the YouTube homepage. It is also a predefined application that comes in most of the mobiles as built-in functions. YouTube mobile app has many features which let you to enjoy the happiness of watching real videos, YouTube app are downloaded by more than millions of people and used by them very often.

Not only are the above applications, the following android apps also downloaded by millions of peoples each and every day

* go launcher Ex

* whatsapp messenger

* viber

* twitter

* angry birds rio

* temple run

* google plus

* subway surfer

* skype

Various Android applications are found in the android market place which provides your various functions and features. Download them and enjoy being an android user.

Some of the Great Ecommerce Sites

In the Beginning

In the old days of the World Wide Web, lots of companies sprung up trying to get in on what was described as the Promised Land for business, which was trading online. The naivety of the people funding these new sites based on the back of an envelope prediction of self styled experts, the value of these companies shot up creating an absurd stock market bubble which actually took into account that these companies weren’t actually expecting to make any money. And when that happened, reality set in, the bubble burst and sensible people split their sides laughing.

After Reality Bit

Nowadays, companies have to behave properly and create a business plan the same as anyone else who wants to do business. They have to do other things that offline businesses do too, such as look attractive to entice people in, carry goods that people want to buy at a price they want to pay.
They also have to provide a high level of service including acceptable response times while browsing, easy shopping cart management.
The way they treat their customers in terms of quick delivery and dealing with complaints fairly and with consideration must also be a big consideration because bad reputations can be made quickly and be widespread all too easily.
Follow some of these ecommerce website design examples, and you’ll be well on your way.

Great Examples

Amazon: The benchmark, they offer a massive catalogue of products across the range on a clean, easily navigated site. The checkout is clear, simple and can be manipulated to get the best deal on delivery.
iTunes: Apple made it possible to buy a single song where the customer didn’t want to buy the album, long after the single (if it was one) was deleted from the catalogue. It’s easy, payment is taken from the card that goes with the account and delivery is instant.
Argos: Well known as a catalogue store on the high street, the Argos website allows users to find all their products online, pay easily and pick it up from their nearest store if they don’t want to wait for delivery. They have also embraced all their web features on a phone app meaning that customers can use it anywhere.
Cybercandy: This is a proper niche site, offering sweets and chocolate from around the world . Whether indulging in the tastes of you childhood favourites or seeing what children around the globe are rotting their teeth on, it’s fun, easy to navigate and offers a superb range of products to frighten any dentist.
I Want One of Those: Dealing in toys and gadgets, they are long established in providing things you don’t need but can’t do without.
They offer an ever changing catalogue of great fun things that any overgrown (predominantly you suspect) schoolboy could wish for.
They used to offer an ex-Czech air force jet fighter trainer for around £150,000, but they must have sold out of those as they don’t have it anymore.
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review and Specification

Samsung has released its Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which is a awesome mobile and it is manufactured as a combination of both android operating system and a powerful camera. Samsung added Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom into the galaxy family of Samsung very recently. Samsung Galaxy camera didn’t get more reputation over the people; the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom brought a revolutionary change in the Smartphone history. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom brings you the feature of both Android and a high quality shooting camera. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom cost around Rs 30,000/- which allows more people to consider it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is an attractive Smartphone which has an attractive features; it has 16 Mp Camera with 10x Optical zoom for high quality photo shoot. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has a Special looks and design. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has made up of Super AMOLED Screen. If you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom from the front side, it looks like a cool device. But if you see it from the rear side, you can find a digital camera. The various features of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom brought you an awesome experience for you.

16 Mega-Pixel Camera:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has 16 MP camera which allows you to experience a high quality pictures in your palm. You can compare Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with Sony Xperia Z1 and Nokia Lumia 1020; the comparison yields in same result only. You can get a nice quality shoot even in the low light with your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

10x Optical Zoom:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom brings you an optical zoom of 10x and it makes you to get a ultimate clarity with your mobile. The Samsung has introduces its 10x optical zoom in Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which gives an awesome shooting experience for its users.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with Dual core Cortex A9 Processor and which brings you an extreme performance. The processor has a 1.5 GHz clock speed and it has Mali-400 Graphics processor which gives you an extra ordinary Gaming experience to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom user. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom runs on Android jelly bean operating system and it has latest updated version in it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has display resolution of 540 * 960 pixels and has super AMOLED Screen. The display gives you a extreme clarity; it has 256 pixels per inch and also has Gorilla Scratch Glass 3 which protect your display from the immense scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has Gyro Sensor and Proximity sensor which has several advantages for the users and it also supports multi-touch support. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has xenon flash which gives you extra ordinary image quality in low light. It has full HD video recording and you can even take quality video in low lights. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with 2330 mAh Lithium Ion Battery which provides the stand-by time of 570 hours. You can even use the mobile for longer time with data connection. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has 1.5 Giga-Bytes of Ram which allows you to run a multi-tasking at a single time.