Sunday, 13 April 2014

Recharge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds with Quantum Dots!

An Israeli startup unveils a new generation of battery -based organic nanoparticles with quantum properties. Video demo of a new generation of battery manufactured by the company StoreDot is the buzz on the web. It shows that a Smartphone can be recharged in 30 seconds of time duration. If you consider today’s recharging time of several hours to reach a full charge, this is a boon to a Smartphone user.

However, you cannot expect to fit your phone tomorrow with this new technology, which will not be sold within 3 years. At this point, the video depicts a prototype, too bulky to attach to the inside of the Smartphone. It remains that this new technology could be promising. This is at least what seems to think Samsung, which is currently in talks with the start -up.

Made from compounds of semi conductors, these "quantum dots" manage to confine electrons and holes (electrons location having been previously dislodged) in a confined space in three dimensions, of the order of several tens of nanometers. This assembly is sometimes having their name “artificial atoms “. Their optical and electronic properties are already used in many applications like transistor, LED, medical imaging, solar energy production and many more.

Usually, the quantum dots are synthesized from inorganic materials often based on the elements like arsenic, gallium and selenium. Now StoreDot offers for the first time to use peptides - these organic molecules formed as amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. According to Gil Rosenman, director of research belongs to StoreDot; these peptides spontaneously assemble to form quantum dots under certain conditions.

And those peptides can behave as semiconductors. The advantage of peptide chains is that they are easy and inexpensive to synthesize. Moreover, these quantum dots are made "from amino acid naturally produced by plants and animals, they should therefore not be too harmful to the environment. These are unlike to that of most inorganic quantum dots, especially those made from heavy metals.

This is a remarkable discovery, they add, as well as large organic molecules conduct electricity is well known but nobody had considered that biological peptides can behave as semiconductors. According StoreDot, new batteries boosted biological Nanoparticles could take five days to drain instead of one day for a conventional batteries.

And 7 minutes of charge is sufficient to use your Smartphone for 24 hours. Besides, according to Gil Rosenman, the life of the battery would be significantly extended. This is due to their crystalline form, quantum dots could remain for thousands of charge cycles it seems.

Top 10 Best Free Messengers or SMS Applications for Android iPhone and Windows

There are so many messenger applications in the market. But, most of the people are unaware of the apps which is best in the market. In this post, has shared the best application for sending message from one android device to another device.

Ø Line Mobile Messaging application

Line is a mobile message and voice call application in social network. It has gaming features also. Line Mobile Messaging was introduced by South Korea's Naver developed on 2011.You can do voice calls and send instant text messages with all your friends. The Line messages applications offers games that you may play with your Line message applicants. It has built in camera application, to share your clicks.Line will run as a desktop application and mobile application for iOS phones, Android phonesand in some other platforms also.

Ø Whatsapp application

Whatsapp is a text messaging application, which is launched on 2009. It is designed in the motive of send messages at free of cost. Through internet facility, the messages can be sent. Hence the user must have internet. You can send audios, photos and videos. It is a cross platform application, which runs on iPhone phones, android phones and so on.

Ø Viber application

It is a popular free mobile messaging application that piggybacking on Wi-Fi or other data plan. It makes a cell phone user to make voice calls and to send instant messages without any billing.The company's logo is "Connect Freely."

Ø MessageMe application

MessageMe is newly introduced application in the market. The application is launched in the early of 2013. It provides the services on context, multimedia and to mix media. It is used to draw photos and you can send instant messages. It is blended with media types. To simplify the sending process of MMS, it uses slick interface. It runs on both android and iOS phones.

Ø Voxer application

Voxeris commonly called as "push-to-talk"application.Because when you select the talk in the application, you can able to send the instant voice messages or multimedia messages to your friends. The message is either send instant messages or voice mails. Voxer enables to send text and photo messages. It offers VOIP voice calls like Skype do, and group messages. It works onAndroid and iOS phones.

Ø HeyTell application

HeyTell is a yet another push to talk application which provides instant voice messages. It is available on windows phone, android phone and iOS phones.HeyTell application provides "hold and speak" which is used to talk in message. In this application you are no need to sign up or to create an account. And it is a cross platform application. This application is introduced by a company named Voxilate. It has many special features that include voice changer and ringtones.

Ø TextNow application

TextNow is another messenger application. It provides free voice call and text by piggybacks on data plans. It will work on all desktop computers andin mobile phones. It provides individual phone number to everyone in order to receive phone calls and messages. TextNow provides unlimited free messages (voice and text). TextNow will run on android and iOS phones.

Ø Talkatone application

Talkatone is a mobile application which provides free voice call and text message through Wi-Fi/LTE/3G or 4G data plans. It will be running on iOS and android phones. Talkatone messenger allows the people to message and call through Wi-Fi or any data plans. It won’t need cell minutes.

Ø Keek application

Keek is a video messenger. It provides this service for mobiles. It is used to record the video and to share it. It is used to share the status, posts and contacts directly into the social websites like facebook, twitter etc. The Keek messenger application will be available in Google, Android and iOS devices.

Ø Snapchat application

Snapchat messenger differ from other messenger applications. Because it has a special feature called self-destruct. Once the messages are sent, it will automatically delete the message after some particular time after the recipient read it. So it is differ from other messengers. And it is very popular among the young people.

How to reduce the Heat issues on Laptops

heat issues of Laptops
The most common problem in laptops are overheating. It may be due to the ageing of the laptop or it may be due to the improper heat transfer through the air vents. Overheating of the laptop causes several issues such as loss of data, damage in motherboard and it tends the laptop, to hang frequently. Due to the heat, while using the laptop on your lap causes male infertility and skin discoloration also. In order to refrain these problems, the following things have to be done. In this post, has shortlisted the way to reduce the heat effects issues on the laptop while playing games.

Avoid using laptop on the soft surfaces
To avoid overheating laptop must not be used in soft surfaces like sofa, bed etc. because it resists the heat transfer. It won’t allow the warm air to go out. And it may lead to formation of dust particles over the air vents. So use your laptop on laptop desk.

Turn on the power saving options
If your computer has power saving options means, just turn on them. Because when you use less power means, the heating is also gets reduced.

Avoid using power chord often
Don’t use power chord often or don’t use it continuously. It may generate the overheat. And it will cause the laptop to shutdown automatically, which leads to loss of data.

Keep up the maintenance of the laptop
Maintenance of the laptop is the very necessary thing. Get your laptop to the service center often can help the laptop from overheat. You'll have to figure out how often you need this maintenance according to the speed with which your laptop gains dust.

Use of laptop cooling mat or cool lift laptop stand
Buy a laptop cooling mat which will help you to achieve the rapid heat transfer.

Overheating is based on the fan.If the fan gets lots of dust means it won’t transfer the heat properly. Further addition of dust leads to stop the processing of the fan. If the fan is not working means it would be recommended that not to use laptop. Commonly when fixing anyone’s computer the issue found is that it has not been maintained.

  • Occasionally check the laptop’s temperature, speed in bios.
· There is a software router for fan which is used to control the pace of the fan. By installing them we can reduce the noise of the fan.

· Using a light weight OS in the laptop keeps it cooler. Light weight means not use primary OS.

· In order to clean the fan uses a compressed air. i.e pump the compressed air through the fan. Dusts will automatically get removed. While doing so you have to remove the battery and inner parts of the laptop using screws.

· Closing the unwanted programs running in the background will help you to keep the laptop cooler.
Using a laptop cooler avoids the laptop from overheating. When the number of process running increases means the system temperature will also get increased. So it is advised to use external laptop cooler.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

How To Create and Organize notes with the Virtual PNotes

Virtual PNotes
In the technology world, there are so many things that we need to memorize in our tiny mind. Few things will fade away and few things will remember in our mind. The important meetings and schedules are all dependent on them but the future of those notes is bleak because of its lacking features and the risk of losing them.

To overcome this problem, PNotes (Portable notes or Pinned notes) is introduced to keep the data safe and secure to avoid any external element to damage or sabotage the information. Virtual PNotes is the next step in the field of technology and it’s written completely in C and Windows API making it light-weight and extremely fast. It has nice settings which makes it extremely flexible and user friendly like skin tone setting, font management, alarms, tags etc.

In PNotes, any portion of the note can be formatted separately and the settings included the whole program and individual note as well. The control panel is the center of management for the settings of the notes. PNotes is present in the virtual world but its applications make it an asset and it no longer feels out of the reach.

The variation in the skin of the note can be done using PNSkinCreator, which is a utility and sometimes the note can be skinless making it expandable to any reasonable size. There is a password setting to prevent any unauthorized access to program and sometimes the note can be saved as an encrypted file in case of loss of USB stick. The encrypted file can be used by the creator and no other person can access it. Scheduling of the notes is important depending on the intensity and urgency of the work.

The alarm can be set accordingly to three levels- once in a day, once in few hours, few times in every hour. The notes can be joined into a group depending on the kind of work and it consists of simple steps like create, modify, delete using simple drag-and-drop. PNotes is fully Unicode supported and translated into many languages along with its portability makes it extremely efficient. It leaves no traces in Windows registry and can be started from any drive (fixed or flash) on any computer helping you to take your notes with you.

Upon program initialization, PNotes can be accessed from the system tray and the interface of the application has a simple layout. Numerous word-processing tools are provided by the application including undo, redo, cut, copy and paste, format, insert, spell checking, search and replace. PNotes contains user documentation and requires a low amount of system CPU and memory among other things. PNotes does not crash or freeze.

It needs no installation, just unpack the downloaded archive to any location and run PNotes.exe. If you enable transparency feature each note can have its own transparency level (from opaque to fully transparent). The notes can be docked to the side of the screen and look like a panel. Searching is a nice option as it helps user to search for fragments of information from the notes or sometimes the note itself. The notes which are extensively used can be easily put in the favorites.

The feature which helps in many ways include e-mailing where the note can be attached or it can be used in the message body even while it is opened on the desktop. The PNote has the ability to either get deleted from the memory permanently or it is stored in the recycle bin with the restore option. The user can decide whether to make backup copies for changed notes and what is the deepness of backup levels. PNotes does not require installation and it can be started from any drive without traces on host computer after finishing.

Here are some of the key features of PNotes

Fixed bugs: A New group is created with black background and sending note text as e-mail body fails on special symbols. Search dialog does not get focus after applying hot key along with Password protected notes which appear without login dialog after switch between skinless and skinnable mode. Note still appears on the screen while its group is deleted but PNotes stops working when user tries to save the note whose group is already deleted

To sum it up, PNotes is certainly a mainstream application which is not cumbersome while using and its portability give it an edge, making it a worth-it asset. Its versatile environment can be explored by the user with the help of its customization tools and skin tone setting. Stay tuned with for more technology based information.

Tips to use BBM App on an Android/iPhone Device

BBM Apps
BBM App on iPhone and Android

BlackBerry had rolled out BBM on iPhone and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry Smartphone and this rollout has made way for new developments on the chat messenger besides making big profits for them. While surfing the web, the user can use the BBM App on a device which is restricted to Android and iPhone device. It is an Android app which helps individuals to get connected with friends and family around the world at no additional cost.

To get started, one has to ensure that the device is supported by BBM. For Android, BBM supports Smartphone running on Android v4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich and with a screen size of 7 inch or less. For iPhone, BBM supports iOS v6 and v7 or later.

BlackBerry ID Essential

Setting up this app is very easy though some requirements need to be fulfilled. To download BBM on Android or iPhone, you could visit the BBM site from the iPhone or Android Smartphone browser which will lead to the official BBM app in the Apple Store or Google Play and is the best way to ensure that one gets the real BBM for iPhone or Android.

In order to use the BBM app, a BBID (Blackberry ID) is essential to create an account enabling the user to login to BBM on Android. The entire contacts list along with other details of BBM will now be linked to the BBID and the user will no longer need to manually backup and restore the contact list whenever the device is switched on.

If the BBID is not available, the user will need to create one after installing BBM on the device or create one online at and after creating the BBID can then sign in to BBM and get started with chatting with their friends and family far and near.

PIN Barcode 

Once the BBM is installed and the user has successfully signed in using the Blackberry ID, a few things need to be known to get the most of BBM. A BBM PIN which is a unique identifier used in BBM automatically gets generated when the user logs in to BBM for the first time. In case of inviting someone to be a BBM contact, the PIN could be given which can help in connecting with people without the need to sharing personal information.

New contact can also be added on BBM with the help of the PIN Barcode instead of having to type out the PIN number. After the friends have scanned the PIN barcode, then they will be added to each other’s contact list without exchanging any personal information with the exception of the unique PIN.

In case of locating the BBM PIN, you could tap the BBM picture or the name followed by `Show Barcode’ along the bottom toolbar. When the user signs in to BBM on Android using a BlackBerry ID, the contacts will be automatically backed up and if logged in using different device with the same BBID, the user will be prompted to restore their contact list.