Thursday 19 April 2012

Capital Koala: a bank account in the browser

The system proposed by the young Koala Capital company, is more than the squirrel's Koala. Indeed, it is saving at the same time we make purchases on the Internet.

The principle is simple, create a savings account with a bank on behalf of a partner. All relatives, whether family or not, can then participate. That will require an install "button Koala" in their browser for when shopping online, part be credited to the account of the child.

Beauty products that bring in more high-tech

The payout rates vary widely by type of property and the sign. Thus, the Apple Store, it will settle for 1.5% of the price excluding tax (0.75% if it is for an iPad), buying books at Fnac yield interest of 4.5 % while a brand such as Yves Rocher back up to 20%.

The great strength of the system, beyond a form of savings without paying attention, is to provide a large number of merchants: over 1000 and this in a variety of sectors (Voyages-SNCF, Castorama, SFR, Auchan,, Sony, PriceMinister ...). Merchants who have proven easy to federate. Indeed, Koala Capital has simply "hijack" affiliate programs already in existence of these merchants without charging the normal margin (paid back to the book) because the Koala Capital of compensation comes mainly from banks.

100 and 200 euros per person per year

As for the capital actually saved by the participants after six months of operation, Jean-Yves Bernard, a founder of the society, estimated at around 100 and 200 euros per year per person. The record is held by a member who travels extensively on behalf of his company and uses the Internet to its reservations. He has succeeded in capitalizing 700 euros in three months, but this remains an exception.

Koala Capital hopes; now attract new banks since only banks are partners online (ING Direct and Monabanq). A "brake for some people," says Jean-Yves Bernard, who hopes to make announcements to that effect by the end of the year. And in a somewhat more distant future, why not extend the system to physical stores...

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