Saturday, 14 April 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - IX


Mac users love it, those of the iPhone have learned to appreciate, this is anything but unusual to find Evernote among our favorite applications for the iPad. What is Evernote? To sort, index and annotate all the same content available on the Web. The application then synchronizes with the computer (Mac or PC) for shared access to all data "bookmarked".

RMC Sports

The application RMC Sport is a must for lovers iPad Sports. Each day at dawn a new edition of this journal is available to all digital readers. Intuitive navigation, a variety of subjects and large photographs, this is a nice alternative to L'Equipe.

Cliffed Norm's World XL

The Doodle Jump are very numerous on the App Store. Cliffed Norm's World XL manages to stand out thanks to a first offset concept: the hero does not jump but falls from the sky and must pass the obstacles as soon as possible. A game principle extremely simple but addictive in the extreme. The little trick of writing: by tapping twice in the desired direction, the character will run faster. Attention, it goes very fast!

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