Friday, 13 April 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - VI

Adobe Ideas

A true drawing program on the iPad is what Adobe offers Ideas. This application has many tools you can create drawings more or less elaborate and add layers. It also helps to apply some changes to photos.


M6 iPad

M6 iPad has only a few months old and yet it is one of the most downloaded applications to each new classification of the AppStore. It must be said that the application of "the little string that goes" has everything to seduce her audience. A live stream, summaries of each episode and especially the famous M6 Replay catch chain ideal for those who were not at their posts during the broadcast of a program.


PaperDesk is an application note taking virtual stylus compatible with iPad. Particularly effective tool in a meeting or conference, which will replace the keyboard more effectively touch Apple tablet. Lovers of sketches will also be thrilled, especially with editing capabilities.

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