Friday, 13 April 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - VII


The microblogging site has very quickly with the tablet from Apple's official client. It is a derivative of fire Tweetie, bought by California. 

Users of Twitter for iPhone will find some significant differences and a display adapted to the diagonal of the tablet. 


Pulse News

Pulse is an aggregator of content tailored. Its strength lies in its ability to customize. At the user to choose the number of streams they want to see posted, available and how often they update. Major limitation: Pulse News in English is like most streams it offers. Nevertheless it is possible to synchronize with Google Reader for a display of his RSS subscriptions. 


By default the iPad does not have an application "calculator". A strange absence that users of the tablet are responsible to compensate by external applications. In our selection is the classic Calculator that everyone could agree. And for good reason, it has the same design of the application that Apple provides default on the iPhone. Even graphic universe, same results for an application simply indispensable.

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