Sunday, 29 April 2012

E-Go2, an ultra-compact car

In the future, cars that run with the fossil fuel will no longer be at the party. To move around the major cities of tomorrow, the designer Jan Dedek proposes the concept E-Go2.
E-Go2 is a futuristic electric car designed not only to make cities more healthy but also to avoid congestion. E-Go2 has an ultra compact size. It has two wheels and hosts one person at a time. The volume of its interior is a cubic meter. 

This is a public vehicle, planned for rental only. Points "Rent & Go" are installed at several locations in the city, customers can simply go there with their credit cards to rent an E-Go2. They are then required to return the car to Rent & Go closest when they have finished using it.

In the same vein as the concepts and Mobi E-Vul, E-Go2 is as the autolib tomorrow. It will however wait a long time before we see this kind of vehicle.

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