Friday, 27 April 2012

Wake the Super Hero in you

Super Granny

The concept of Superheroes, which we all usually come from California, was revisited by the very talented French photographer advertising and Sacha Goldberger. Mamika is his nom de guerre and incidentally it is embodied by the real grandmother of the photographer. It is staged in situations at once strange, comic and poetic. Many photos are viewed with indulgence on the author's website ( or to treasure in his library with the eponymous book published in 2010 (25 euros).

Approved a Batmobile

No, you're not dreaming. This turbine is a replica Bat For everything there is more of a real Batmobile (Batman and the Batman: The Challenge) designed by Casey Putsch, a specialist in the restoration and preparation of cars and vintage motorcycles. It measures 6 feet long, 2 meters wide and is powered by a real turbine military helicopter with a final approval in allowing him to travel the roads legally. (see video).

The Iron Man armor 7th edition

The Anthony, aka The Master, is a young Californian with interests and expertise vary widely. One of its main activities is to develop, with some success, their own costumes and armor, and particularly that of Iron Man (see video). Program version No. 7, unveiled a few weeks ago: more neat finishes (fewer rivets, etc.), weapons and flight motorized outriggers located on the shoulders and back.

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