Thursday, 12 April 2012

The top 50 free applications for iPad - V

Bullet Time HD

An action game that features John Irish, a hero who tries to rescue his
family from the clutches of a horde of wild beasts mutant. Several campaigns are available in full 3D, graphics and breathtaking especially a cooperative mode that can address the three monsters. Of "crystals" in-game currency, can buy accessories to enhance the character and advance more quickly in the game A great discovery!


Before advent of Google Maps, the reference site for mapping and routing, was Mappy. Google did not kill her glorious competitor since it comes with the AppStore application specially concocted for the iPad. Nothing but classic for users of this service, but a useful application when searching for an alternative to "Plans", the application provided by default and is based on Google. 

Download  Mappy. is the most serious competitor to Dropbox. This application online storage offers the possibility to record all types of documents in the cloud. If the free offer is usually limited to 5 GB, offers 50GB of space for all account creation until December 2nd! An excellent solution for expanding the storage space of the Apple tablet.


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