Saturday, 7 March 2015

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed In 2015


Criminals and computer hackers in all over the world are active; they are working round the clock to steal your personal information as well as money. There is nothing which you can do, but with few simple precautions you can reduce the risk because life in digital age doesn’t come with undo button and your small mistake can crook your Social Security number.
  • Use credit cards for online shopping: 

  • A credit card provides you better fraud protection than debit card and net banking as credit cards follow the different federal rules. If you are using credit cards, so you can dispute an unauthorized charge and later credit card company have to take charge off your bill after doing the investigation, which is not possible if you are using debit card. You can also dispute the charges of a credit card if the merchandise doesn’t arrive or if you have got the defective material. Whereas; some people afraid to use a credit card for online shopping, but this is for what credit card are meant to be. If there is any kind of problem, so it’s a job of credit card companies to deal with it.

  • Protect your personal information:

  • Hacker have variety of tools and techniques to get your account numbers and passwords such as; bogus emails designed to look like authentic e-mails from banks, key-loggers, phishing and more. There are always reasons why they need your personal information, but you shouldn’t forget that your Social Security number is the key to your tension free life because a hacker can use it to steal money or your personal identity. Social Security numbers are essential for financial and medical records, so it is recommended to guard it.

  • Never download unknown attachment or click on suspicious links:

  • It’s easy to click on a certain link which is in text mail or on social media post, but it is recommended to never open such links which are calming as shipping invoice or some other document calming certain lucky draw. Fraudsters are ready to count on your curiosity and your instant response can end-up with an installation of malicious software onto computers and smartphones.

  • Take your time:

  • Never make your purchase in rush as it can lead you towards fraud. Never fall in love with “buy-now-or-else because sometimes hackers use this trick to compromise your financial details. So before taking any final check-out makes sure you are doing shopping or purchase from authentic platform.

  •  Don’t be fooled by e-mails of free prize or free merchandise or money back guarantees: 

  • Never pay for playing in contest, which claims billion of dollars in prize. If the contest is authentic, so you don’t have to buy anything or pay any amount of money to get your prize. Free is good, but nothing comes in free especially when you are living in this meaning full world. The initial product may be free, but the other attached products can end your purchase with heavy bills and this is the technique through which most of the e-commerce companies are making a real profit. 

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