Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Accessory Lens for Google Glass Invented

Latest Invention – Google Lens

The latest invention which has been developed by Wichita State University professor Jibo He and Barbara Chaparro who worked with graduate student Long Wang on the project known as Google Lens, have found ways to be more creative and innovative on inventing a device which could have positive development in the medical field in the future.

The device has been invented which can be attached to the Google Glass wearable computer and gives the user an enlarged image. The device seems to be an accessory lens; a wearable product which uses voice control to enable users to check information easily when their hands tend to be busy and the information is displayed in Google Glass see through head mounted display with its built-in camera enabling video sharing as well as remote conference.

The Google Glass responds to voice commands and has a tiny screen with a camera which is placed to a glass-like frame but the display seems to have one setback wherein its webcam has a narrow field of vision of 54.8 degrees horizontally by 43.5 vertically with limitation to its use in some applications. The attachment of Google lens enables the user to capture an enlarge vision of 109.8 degrees horizontally and 57.8 vertically.

The Importance of Expanding Google Glass view

Several professionals have the need to use Google Glass for many things like surgery and medical training to usability research as well as flying an aircraft. Most of the hospitals which include Wesley Medical Centre in Wichita and the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston are developing Google Glass applications in order to enhance their medical services, new doctor training and surgery.

It is said that `the object needed to broadcast may be out of the field of view of Google glass and despite all of its remarkable features, Google Glass has some limitations in its hardware and Google lens solves the problem’. The device includes a holder which is attached to the lens of the frame of Google Glass where the lens that is fixed into the accessory has the capabilities of being changed with ease. Moreover, the accessory lens is helpful in the bottleneck of Google Glass camera improving and expanding Google Glass’ application in professional areas.

Patent Files for Google Lens – Awaiting Approval

Both Jibo along with Chaparro has applied for a U.S. patent for Google Lens and are waiting for its approval. They are both part of Wichita State University psychology department where Chaparro is the director of WS’s Software Usability Research Laboratory studying human-computer interaction and working with industry on software design and usability.

Jibo He on the other hand was among the first Google glass Explorers in 2013 and through the Explorer program, was granted by Google, programmers and researchers early access to the Google Glass device prior to going on sale to the general public and though it is not available to the general public, some businesses like hospitals having been using Google Glass.

Initial research related to whether it would be safe to drive while interacting with Google Glass and later on studied how Glass could be used in detecting when the driver was fatigued.

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