Tuesday 10 March 2015

Sandisk Crammed 200GB into a Fingernail Sized MicroSD Card

It’s unbelievable, to store too much information such as; videos, images and important files in too small space, but it’s not possible as SanDisk announced world's first 200GB microSD card at Mobile World Conference. In present we all need more space on our device and due to that most of the time we prefer to use cloud-based synchronization and storage services such as; Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive to make the backup of photos and videos and also to transfer them from smartphones or tablets to a personal computer.

There' is no such things to store too much information in too small space and this is why SanDisk, which is one of the world's leading and most popular storage manufacturer launch its premium 200GB Ultra microSD XC UHS-I card whereas; before one year company was released its earth-shattering 128GB microSD card. Its 200GB microSD card is the highest capacity microSD card with 56 per cent more storage than the 128GB microSD card.

This card is able to transfer more than, 200 photos in a minute with up limit of 90 megabytes per second whereas; it can hold 20 hours of full HD (1080p) resolution videos. These 200GB microSD cards probably have more storage space than you laptop and also more than your tablet or phone. When it comes to storage capacity, so SanDisk 200GB microSD card has more storage than 13-inch MacBook Air and all the other Windows ultrabooks. It has more storage than the best capacity of iPad Air 2 and iPhone.

According to officials of SanDisk, “Our 200GB microSD card is designed for premium line of Android-based smartphones and tablets and we all know that these two devices have a microSD card slot to increase the storage capacity of device. It is expected this high capacity card will be great for those who love to capture their life movements in huge 4K-resolution or to store 4K-resolution videos as most of the high-end Android devices are supporting 4K-resolution videos and it will be another reason to capture the precious movements of life.

The good news is that it comes with temperature, shock, water, magnet and X-ray resistant capacity with an SD card adapter. If you have SanDisk's Memory Zone app on your Android device, so it will automatically transfer the photos and videos to the microSD card when storage will get tight on a smartphone or tablet. This card is perfect for dash-cams and home security systems as it has high-endurance capacity for lots of video recording. SanDisk’s 200GB microSD is designed to handle extreme temperatures and as well as low temperature freezing winters.

If your device has a capacity to take SDXC microSD card of 128GB, be positive because it can support the new one too. If you are planning to own 200GB microSD card, so you need to pay $399.99 and it will be available by the end of second quarter of 2014. It will come with two-year warranty, which will be available in the Europe, South Korea and US.

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