Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gamers Targeted By Ransomware Virus

A computer virus has been targeting the gamers around the world. The virus has the ability to stop the gamers from playing out their favourite games unless they are ready to pay a ransom for the same. Once a machine gets infected by the virus, this cruel program has the ability to seek out the saved games and other important files on the user’s computer and go ahead with encrypting the data. Reports suggest that in order for a user or the gamer’s to unlock any of their encrypted files, they will have to be ready to pay nearly $500 (£340) in Bitcoins. This malware has the ability to target nearly 40 separate games which include World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and Minecraft.

Dark world of the web and cash: 

This malicious program is very much similar to that off the widely distributed Cryptolocker Ransomware. It is the same Cryptolocker Ransomware which has been able to target thousands of people around the world in the last few years. However post the analysis of this malicious program called as Teslacrypt, it was revealed that it bears no resemblance or code share with Cryptolocker. Reports suggest that this program seems to have been created by a totally different cybercrime group.

According to the Vadim Kotov, a researcher from the security firm Bromium, the malicious file was targeting people by means of a website which has been already compromised by the creators. This site consists of a Wordpress blog that is unintentionally hosting a file that is making use of drawbacks in the Flash for infecting the potential visitors.

What happens when a machine gets infected? 

According to Kotov, post the infection of the machine, this malware has the ability to check out nearly 185 different file extensions in the user’s system. This malware, particularly looks out for files which are linked with popular video games and online services. These games need not belong to the top listing games on the web. He further added that the Teslacrypt malware, has the ability to store the files of the gamers which includes their maps, profiles, and saved games. He also added that gamers will only end up being disappointed if they try to uninstall any game downloaded through any online service. He further added that it is not possible for the user to restore any of their required data post re-installing the game file as well.

So what happens next? 

Once the user’s files have been targeted and encrypted by this malware, they will get a pop up message indicating that they have been targeted and they have only a few days to make the payment in order to retrieve their data. Reports suggest that the victim might end up paying between $500 to $1,000 Bitcoms in PaypalMy Cash payment cards. The Teslacrypt virus directs the potential victims to send their payment details to a designated address on the Tor anonymous browsing network. Although there are works in progress to crack the encryption system of the virus, user can resort to backups of the files in the meantime.

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