Saturday, 21 March 2015

The New and Powerful Nvidia GPU to Be Supported By Asus

On Thursday, Nvidia launched the latest of its GTX 900s series of mobile GPUs, GTX 960m and GTX 950m. These have been designed to evolve and make the gaming laptop as futuristic as well as future-proof as possible. Asus had recently unveiled GX501 which is one of the machines that has incorporated the latest Nvidia tech already. According to the reports the new GPUs comprises of gaming-enhancing features as Shadow-Play, Battery-Boost, and Optimus.

Shadow-Play can track the achievements and capture the videos, Battery-Boost will prolong the play time by managing battery consumption and the Optimus will optimize laptops for battery life and performance. Although Asus is not ready to reveal more about the specifications of GX501, they have hinted that the GTX 960m card will be bounded with worthy hardware. Reports suggest that the GX501 will have the option of a resolution of 3840 x 2160 or even standard HD apart from option of a 4K display. Asus has improvised the cooling system of their gaming laptops for stealthier performance.

Nvidia's Win: 

Before freezing on its plans for the GX501, Asus was reported to be keeping a watchful eye on the processor competition in the market. Even though long-awaited Broadwell chips have been announced by Intel, but still they are in the initial phase and haven’t been able to reach to their maximum potential as if now. The market also saw AMD which basically struggled to compete with both Intel and Nvidia in the GPU wars. According to senior gaming analyst at Jon Peddie Research, Ted Pollack, this doesn’t mean that AMD is giving up and the game is still not over. AMD does have compelling option for some of the consumers.

Prospect of Gaming Laptops: 

According to Mike Schramm, manager of qualitative insights at EEDAR, even though there has been constant rise in the mobile gaming machines, smartphones, tablets, laptops in general are still flourishing. He further added that there is not crossing between the worlds of mobile gaming and laptop gaming. Most of the gamers rely on laptops for playing desktop-style PC games. He further pointed out the today gamers are ready to pay more for high-end laptops to play AAA titles, which are the big budget games and give a totally new experience from mobile gaming. Players might chose tablets for enjoying Monument Valley but go for laptop to play League of Legends.

According to Tim Coulling, senior analyst at Canalys, the market is open for both for PCs and laptops as this is mainly due to gaming and productivity. Hardware manufacturers are leaning towards gaming due to the changing environment. The current market is showing a decline in the sales price making it difficult for the vendors like Asus to make money in the desktop and notebook market. Coulling adds that even though at the lower end prices might be dropping but still PCs will continue to have their own place in every home, especially due to the keyboard and mouse.

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