Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hamburg Residents Take Revenge on Late-Night Revelers With Urine-Repellent Paint

Pee Back
New High Tech Paints on Late-Night Revellers

An area in German city of Hamburg which is well-known for its nightlife at St Pauli’s nightclub district,has their locals gearing up with a new high tech paints on late-night revellers who tend to urinate on public buildings. The problem of what is known as the `wild urinator’ or `Widlpinker’, is an obsession in Germany and they have been fighting back against the drunken revellers who tend to relieve themselves on street corners.

 These group of locals have come up with a solution that can send the spray bouncing right back on them, by modifying the area’s walls to `pee back’ on them.The matter has been taken up by a local interest group who has applied the special water repellent paint which is also utilised in shipbuilding process, on two especially frequented buildings in the vicinity of the renowned nightclub district area near the port.

 This was with the aim of deterring the `Wildpinkler’ as they are so called by the Germans. The attention of around 181,000 viewers was drawn when a video was posted on YouTube on its first day where Julia Staron who has organised the group, is portrayed putting up signs in German as well as in English which say `Hier nicht pinkeln! Wir pinkeln zurueck’ – Do not pee here! We pee back!

Paint Job – Direct Message to Perpetrators 

She has informed Reuters that the paint job sends a direct message back to the perpetrators that their wild urinating on the wall is not welcome and the paint protects the building as well as the residents and most importantly, it sends a signal that this behaviour is not on’. A neighbourhood association began repainting the walls along the popular Reeperhahn street with a water repellent paint and the offending urine then tends to bounce back off the wall and on to the shoes of the perpetrator.

The said paint is considered to be pretty expensive and according to Staron it could cost about 500 euros to paint a six square meter surface – 65 sq. feet, though it would be worth the effort which is already having a positive effect on newly protected walls all over. She further states that `on comparing the work involved for daily cleaning of the mess and the awful smell as well as all the collateral damage involved, it has definitely been well worth it’.

Effective Idea – Prevailing Problem

Staron has also informed that her community group had come up with this notion on realizing that conventional method were not being very effective in this situation. She relates that they had tried to analyse the issue and come up with some solution and were interested especially in bringing about an effective idea which would be suitable with regards to this prevailing problem at St. Paulis’ famous red light and nightclub location.

For a long time public urination has been illegal though it could be some sort of illegal which makes one to do it more often at any public spot without any penalty imposed. Locals living near nightclubs in this popular location of St. Pauli’s neighbourhood have now invested in water resistant paint to resolve this issue that when the pee hits the paint, it apparently will splash back and the reveller would then have to walk around with urine all over them which would cause embarrassment for the crime committed by them.

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