Monday, 23 March 2015

Youtube May Launch Subscription Video Service, Will Offer Ad-Free Streaming

According to some of the reports, it is believed that YouTube might be considering to opt for a subscription for their original contents. Reports published on the Verge indicate that the company is exploring the idea of launching its own subscription based VOD service. This is mainly due to the sudden boom in the world of technology wherein video streaming has been able to replace the conventional televisions and radios. Reports also suggest that the company is planning to rope in its YouTube stars for developing videos under their original banner.

What is the service all about? 

The new service is expected to be completely ad free towards the videos which have been created under the company’s original banner. The increase in the market competition and competitors like Vessel, Hulu among others, this move seems to be a push force for the company to innovate to stay in the competition. One of the most important benefits that can be expected by the company is the amount of profits it can generate for their video creators through the paid subscription.

The company even though started nearly a decade ago has been able to break out of their traditional means of offering videos to the customers. Reports suggest that the company has been facing a lot of difficulty in terms of generating revenues and unable to attract viewers due to greater than before use of ad-blocker programs.

Recent changes made by YouTube: 

The company has recently added complete support for 360-degree videos that have come to aid of the users who are used to a tremendous amount of video sharing and habituated to virtual-reality headsets. Reports suggest that Google has been working with some of the popular companies like Giroptic’s 360cam, Kodak’s SP360 and Bublcam among others, that are into making of the 360-degree movies and this collaboration will help YouTube to play these videos made their cameras. As if now this feature is expected to available on only certain devices, which includes iPad, iPhone among others.

What is the benefit for the company? 

The company always had the aim of making the conventional television outdated in the near future and looks like through this new project, they might soon be able to achieve their aim. Apart from the current project, the company also has many other projects in the pipeline. The rumor about the current project was spread from an unnamed executive at YouTube, who is currently working with the company for developing and producing video content.

Reports also suggest that the company is looking forward to create an original series, which is on the similar lines as that of Netflix. If the company is able to release this service, it will be similar as that of YouTube Music Key. The YouTube Music Key provides users access to ad free videos apart from free streaming of music from Google play music. The user is expected to be charged around $10 every month for using the service.

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