Saturday, 4 October 2014

Encryptions of New Level of Smartphone Alarms Law Enforcement

The new technology has evolved and developed the world a lot in past few years. The introduction and formation of different devices has made the life of people easy and luxurious.

One of such development is the introduction of smart phones in the market. Smart phone is able to bring a deviating change in life of common people in hefty. The introduction of smart phone is a boom in the market of technology and helps the internet world to be a part and parcel of each individual’s life. The functionality of smart phones has made it very popular among all common mass.

New Laws that have been amalgamated

New laws have been incorporated enforcing the operating system of the smart phones. Apple, one of the most renowned names in the smart phone list has announced that its new operating system used in the phones will be preventing law enforcement and phone thieves from repossessing data, which are stored in a locked phone.

The data include photos, videos, contact list or anything and everything saved in your phone. This idea was not welcomed worldwide, many unacceptable comments were heard from different sources and people did not liked the idea to some extent.

The FBI director criticized the decision of Apple and Google of encrypt the data of the phone in order to make it inaccessible to enforcement of law. He was not very much convinced by the idea and don’t appreciated the proposal in all.

He put light to the fact that child-kidnapping and terrorism are two cases which might decrease in number if the details or data are quickly access by the authorities. Many lives can be saved in this form, but again it is illegal to check others’ data and details if the concerned person is unwilling to open it.

It will be difficult for the FBI to carry on their investigation under the new policy, which only allows the corporeal contact to the victim’s phone when the user is unwilling to unlock it for the authorities. He also included that the law enforcement is at one point have pros as well as have few cons. Replying or commenting about it without proper knowledge or study is difficult.

Pros and Cons

Apart from this, the enforcement of law can be a boom as well as immoral for the people. As it has some advantages, it also has many disadvantages, which cannot be ignored. As rightly said by the director of FBI, the enforcement of law on the operating system and making it quickly accessible to the authorities will in large help to save lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Two most hazard and big crime can be saved if the law is enforced. Child kidnapping and terrorism are the two most unwanted crimes, which can be completely stopped if the authorities will be in a position to get access to the data and details of the suspects’ personal phone.

Thus the decision of enforcement of law on the operating system is still not so acceptable.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha
With its last release Samsung Galaxy S5 not reaching extraordinary sales in the market, the South Korean company is now releasing a flagship in the Galaxy Series the “Samsung Galaxy Alpha”. Just after a few days of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release in the smartphone market. Though a major and a competing move against their arch rivals Apple, this phone just seems to be a mixture of its ancestors and iPhones.

Samsung at last launches a real alpha phone in terms of processing speed, display and camera. But still seems to lag behind in terms of design and storage.

Display and Dimensions: 

With 5.2" inch screen it fits easily into the hands and pockets, also feels ease to work with just one hand. The device comes with a dimension of 5.21” x 2.58” x 0.26” and weighs around 115grams. The super AMOLED display is quite good and manages to show about 16M colors, though it is disappointing with 720x1080 pixel screen.


With quad core processor, the ease of working with apps and switching between apps is like riding a skateboard on oil with a 2GBof RAM and being said that at the time of release in India it is said to come out with an octa-core processor. Again, thanks to the extraordinary processor, which is worth a major portion of the money invested in buying this phone.


It feels like Samsung has tried to imitate the iPhone 5 design by giving the phone a metallic ring on the sides, though its ancestors got the same ring around. The device looks like the design is majorly inspired from iPhone 5 while looking through the side view. The back cover design gives the phone a toy look and seems to be a break-with-ease cover. Again, it seems like Samsung imitated the iPhone's thin lock design, when seen from the sides and has the typical Samsung design from front and back. So, On the whole the design seems to be a mediocre increase from the Galaxy S2.


Alpha has a 12MP rear camera and 2.1MP front camera with an LED flash and auto focus option. The quality of front camera is quite good when it comes for video calling. The phone's camera has got quite an improvement from the S5, when it comes to the quality of pictures that are captured in the dark. Still, it feels like the camera can be improved a lot like it is with other smartphones (Sony, iPhone, Nokia) in the market of the same price level.


The phone has got a 32GB internal storage, and the device has no extension slot for extending the device memory. 2 GB of RAM allows the users to run multiple applications at the same time.


It comes with the latest version of Android OS v4.4. It appears like the problems of Samsung phones with Android OS almost disappeared in this phone still a pure android feature would be of a great relief for users.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Top 5 features of iPhone 6: Is it worth it?

iPhone 6
Pre-launch of iPhone6 was very thought, as the market has sparked discussions among consumers about the amazing features that Apple has for their next generation iPhone. As part of discussion rumors features Apple has a mix package of new, old and ideas depending on the existing generation of iPhones.

i.New iPhone6 on Solar batteries: 

An interesting change, considering consumers comfort the pre-launch rumor includes solar power for iPhone 6 which could be charged all through the day. With Solar charging kit already existing in the market, the original rumored idea is a front sapphire display glass in-order to have a solar collector. All Apple needs to do is get their technical and designing team to compact the technology in-order to be set into the body of iPhone.

ii.iPhone with Holographic projections: 

The new concept of holographic in iPhone 6 could immensely change everything - crave.
To the disappointment of all the Apple fans the holographic projection was not a part of the feature of the iPhone 6. Though this rumored feature or the holographic display could have hyped up the sale and market for the next generation iPhone, the known fact about Apple is that they are never the first to venture into this until some other company tries it out. For iPhone lovers, this may not be a true feature, and Apple could involve or enhance these features of products like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 too.

iii.Camera Features - 10MP & Lens functionality: 
Though per ValueWalk there was a rumour that the iPhone 6 will be featured with a swappable lenses, the fact is that the iPhone has always made changes and upgrades to the camera software rather than the lens or the Megapixel. In comparison to Samsung Galaxy in particular S5 series where the rear camera itself is 16MP, the iPhone has always kept to 8MP starting from iPhone 4S right to iPhone 6 Plus. A swappable lens flexibility or functionality would surely be an added attraction for the Apple fans.

iv.Bendgate combat - A Flexible frame for iPhone 6 can be a bonanza: 
Apple went through a lot with the "Bendgate" scandal which started when a user n the MacRumors forum indicated that after 18 hours in his pocket he found his iPhone 6 bent over. The reason for this bend over is still to be tested if it’s a user or manufacturing issue. All Apple stores were instructed to replace any defected unit in this respect. Now with this said, if Apple can use flexible sapphire glass and a bendable body just like LG-G flex, this will be a bonanza for both consumers and sales.

v.Water resistance technology: 
Despite of the fact that competitor smartphones use IP67 waterproofing technology, Apple has still not implemented this technology in the next generation iPhone. Apple can really gear up the competition if they are able to crack through a technology as waterproofing IP68-rated smartphones, which would be more advanced than the current IP67 to boost both their markets and their consumer expectation.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Nuclear Powered Water Based Battery

Nuclear Powered Water Based Battery
In our digital world of today, batteries have been playing a very important role in our everyday life right from cell phones to flashlights and cars, with scientists as well as technology companies competing and working out ways in improving battery life accompanied with efficiency.

For the first time, researchers at the University of Missouri claim to have created prototype of a nuclear powered water based battery which is said to be much more efficient and long lasting than the prevailing battery technologies which could be used as a dependable power supply for spacecraft, vehicles as well as other applications that would be more reliable, efficient together with longevity.

The next electric vehicle or smartphone could possibly be powered by a nuclear battery instead of the usual lithium-ion cell.

Researchers have incorporated a nano structured titanium dioxide electrode as a catalyst for water decomposition by using the radioactive isotope strontium-90 to intensify the electrochemical energy that is produced in water based solution. The catalyst in turn assists in the breakdown of water in association with the applied radiation into assorted oxygen compounds.

Nano Tritium Device – City Labs

When beta radiation of high energy passes through the platinum together with the nanoporous titanium dioxide, it results in electron hole pairs that are produced in the titanium dioxide creating electron flow together with resultant electric current.

According to Kwon, he states that since water acts as a buffer and surface plasmons which are created in the devices, seems to be very useful to enhance its efficiency. Moreover, the ionic solution does not get frozen easily at low temperature and performs in a wide range of applications which includes car batteries as well as spacecraft if packaged properly.

The Nano Tritium device from City Labs is the first nuclear battery which has been created to exploit the advantage of radiolysis which is the water splitting with radiation, in order to produce electric current at higher energy levels as well as lower temperatures than what is previously possible, which is at a much greater efficiency than other water splitting energy production techniques.

An Alternative to the Solar Cell

Since unlike the other forms of photocatalytic systems of water splitting to produce energy, high energy beta radiation in the MU device helps to create free radicals in water like the kinetic energytrapped or recombined in water molecule to enable radiation conversion into electricity.

Platinum/titanium dioxide electrode is used to gain efficient water splitting at room temperature. As a result while solar cells tend to use a similar form of mechanism for the transfer of energy through a hole-electron pair small amount of free radicals and gets produced due to the photon energies which are principally in visible spectrum and at a much lower level of energy.

However, on the other hand, beta radiation which is produced by the strontium source with the capabilities of enhancing the chemical reactions which involves free radicals at higher electron energy levels seems to be a much more efficient concept to produce long lasting and reliable energy and the water based nuclear battery may hopefully offer an alternative to the existing solar cell as low pollution and a sustainable energy source.

Windows 10 – Launching Window Insider Program

Windows 10
The latest report is that Microsoft has officially announced the next version of its computer operating system called `Windows 10’ and will be launching a Window Insider Program enabling users to comfortably run the early beta software access to Window 10.

Its first preview would be made available for desktops and laptops and a build for server would be following later on. The company provided details stating that its new operating system will have a tailored user experience with various screen sizes, for instance if the user has a smaller device, then you will see different form of user interface and the code would run across all device categories - `One product family, One platform, One store’.

The amazing news is that Windows 10 has been designed to run across all the devices including, tablets, phablets and smartphones besides, laptops and desktops.Microsoft has stated that they are opening this beta process in order to get feedback from users early on and that this would also be a learning experience for the company as well as user would get some experiments in new builds thoughprobably would not make it to the final version.

Enterprise Value/Device Management/Customize….

Microsoft is presently focusing on Enterprise value, device management, the ability to customize the store to the device the user is on and an option to protect data, to be more precise, the ability of the enterprise to manage their devise and customize their application store, etc.

According to Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive VP of Operating Systems, he states that `Windows 10 will be running on the broadest amount of devices with a tailored experience for each device. There would also be one way to write a universal application, one store, and one way for apps to be discovered, purchased and updated across all of these devices’.

The company, as expected is striving to bring back some of the features of Windows 7 which includes a redesigned start menu combining the basic Windows 7 menu with the resizable tiles of the Windows 8 start screen. Windows 8 Metro app also can be opened in a windowed mode on the desktop to save from being taken into the full screen mode through default and can use `modern’ Windows 8 alongside with a standard Windows desktop app.

Swiping from Left – Task View

With its focus mainly on the keyboard and regular mouse combo for functions with the operating system, the company has emphasized that it is not doing away with `touch’ and Windows 10 will continue to have a similar Windows 8 Start Screen for touch enabled machines.

Some changes in the gestures will alter a bit in Windows 10 where swiping in from the left now tends to give a task view, though the overall features will be same to Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Charms bar would be still available.

The release of Microsoft’s OS is expected to be sometime in 2015 after the company’s Build Developer Conference to be held in April. If users intend to get their hand on an early version of Windows 10, they could sign up for the Windows Insider Program on October 1 to get the early preview build on laptops and desktops.