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Monday, 27 June 2016

Motorola’s Newest Phone Moto Z Force Is Rugged and Super Thin

Moto Z

Motorola’s Flagship Handset –Moto Z/Moto Z Force

Struggling smartphone maker Motorola will be releasing two flagship handsets, the Moto Z together with the luxurious Moto Z Force. The two designs portrays the parent company of Moto, Lenovo embracing the modular smartphone trend.Ashton Kutcher, Lenovo product engineer, while pacing the stage at a press event in San Francisco, had called the Moto Z` a redesign of the phone from the ground up’ associating it to ground-breaking Motorola handsets such as the StarTac and Razr.

The handsets did not look as innovative as those market-upending devices. The latest Moto Z is made from military aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless less and is durable yet razor thin. It provides high-end specs, 5.5-inch Quad HD display, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of storage inside together with lightning fast charging. It also has a 13-megapixel camera towards the back as well as a 5-migapixel sensor in front and is simple 5.2mm thick. One can also get more space for pictures, videos and apps by adding a microSD card up to 2 TB. After the first Droid Razr, this is the next phone in that line.

Has ShatterShield Technology

The front facing 5MP camera comprises of a wide-angle lens which seems great in accommodating friends in an image and with an additional flash on the front, the image looks it’s best even in insufficient light. The Z Force is said to have the ShatterShield technology of Motorola which means that even if the phone is dropped on a marble floor or thrown across, it does not seem to break.

The Z Force tends to represent all the best Droid ideas, unbreakable screen, super-thin body as well as the customization of the Moto X. The Moto Moda seems to be the real selling point and on attaching an accessory the 16-pin port towards the back of the phone, the Z tends to become something novel.

A projector known as InstaShare tends to make the phone large though adds a big battery and kickstand, turning the phone into a wall-sized screen. A speaker has mentioned that it is another built with JBL. It is essential to note that Google’s modular smartphone initiative, Project Ara, had begun as a Motorola project. The spirit has not left even if Ara did.

However, the Moto Z phones does not seem to be quite modular the way Project Ara tends to be where Ara phones enables you to swap screens, cameras as well as batteries. The approach of Motorola is somewhat like what LG did with its latest G5, wherein one tends to plug extra modules in an already complete phone.

Moreover, Motorola tends to have an easier switching mechanism and Moto Mods seems to be a better name for the modules than the LG’s `Friends’.The Moto Z will be arriving this summer for Verizon customers, while the others would be getting it later in the year. Motorola has been working with the developers in building mods and envisages everything from huge battery to a laptop dock to a virtual keyboard. The arena is the same as the other modular phone.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Gadget That Can Fold Your Laundry Perfectly with Robot Arms and Even Steam out Creases


A Robo-Helper – Automatically Folds Laundry

A San Francisco start-up has revealed a robo-helper which tends to automatically fold the laundry. Known as `Your laundry folding friend’ FoldiMate tends to use a conveyor belt, many robotic arms together with an adjustable tray that tends to push our skilfully folded clothing in less than a minute. FoldiMate had mentioned on its website that `FoldiMate is a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine and the only way it knows to fold, is like an expert’

It is 32 inches tall and 28 inches wide, weighing only 65 pounds and fits in most laundry rooms and can be moved about easily in different rooms FoldiMate Family, the home targeted robotic laundry folder, will quickly become `a must have’ in every household around the world.

The device is said to be designed to be placed on top of the washer, dryer or a strong table. The firm provides a wheeled table which can be moved where you can fold normally. One can just clip the laundered garment to the integrated rack placed on the outside of FoldiMate and using the available buttons, you can select what type of clothing it is, like a pair of pants or shirt.

FoldiMate Senses Fabric, Once Pulled in the Machine

FoldiMate tends to sense the fabric, size, thickness and if it is a long-sleeved or short sleeved and adjust according to those characteristics, once it is pulled inside the machine. Sensing the kind of garment and with a series of robot arms, it folds the garment into place. Besides taking over folding duties, the device also diminishes wrinkles with a built-in steamer.

It de-wrinkles the clothing by steaming them as they tend to exit the machine. It takes about 10 seconds to fold most of the items and an extra 20 to 30 to steam out the wrinkles from the garment. Towards the end of the process, the garments are released from the machine in a well-ordered pile. The rack tends to hold around 15 to 20 pieces at a time.

But there are some items which cannot be folded with the machine and it is unable to handle everything in the laundry basket such as undergarments, socks and towels. Though the concept is easy, FoldiMate has been developing the machine for years with the help of a team of experienced roboticists.

Developed Patented Robotic System to Fold Clothes

Since 2014, the machine had been available commercially though the firm has been working on a family friendly style that is likely to hit the market in 2017. Presently, on the site, FoldiMate is accepting pre-orders which are predicted to run around $700 to $850. Over 11,000 people have already registered on the company’s website.

However, the company is providing a 10% discount to those who tend to make a down payment of $10 or more for the unit. FoldiMate has explained that they had developed a patented robotic system to fold clothes which could decrease the size of the machine by one third or less while at the same time keep the target price which would be affordable to the consumers as well as business – less than one fifth of their direct competitors’ price.

FoldiMate seems to have competitorsin the laundry folding field and a group of Japanese companies had unveiled in October last year `The Laundroid’ that tends to wash, dry as well as fold clothes.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sony Really Missed the Mark with its MDR-EX750BT h.ear in Wireless Headphones


Since the time of ‘Walkman’, Sony has been pioneer in the field of sound based equipment. It headphones, speakers and phones speaks volume about its ability to offer enriched high quality sound and music experience to the consumers. Sony’s latest h.ear in Wireless headphone named MDR-EX750BT failed to incite any kind of curiosity and love among its consumers due to the expensive price point. This particular headphone will be sold at a price of $299.95 which is simply too much for anyone to give attention to this headphone. Furthermore it is plagued with a horrible design which looks like an earphones coming out of the necklace.

Sony simply misses on design with new headphones

The h.ear range of headphones being offered by the Sony promises to deliver high resolution of audio quality ever seen before. MDR-EX750BT does well on the sound quality front but it falls flat when it comes to design. It doesn’t look like any conventional headphone rather it appears in the shape of neckband made up of flexible material with earphones protruding out of it. It has bulky stem in plastic but it is made appear more like aluminum.

Sony wanted to surprise it consumers by coming with a new and innovative design but it only ended up confusing the consumers. This new headphone will be made available in a number of bright colors such as viridian blue, lime yellow, cinnabar red, black and Bordeaux pink. Another things missed by the Sony is the comfort factor related to the headphones. It isn’t much comfortable when put around the neck and sometimes plays a spoilsport in performing natural neck movements.

How does MDR-EX750BT works? 

Sony MDR EX750BT is a wireless headphone which can be easily paired through Bluetooth. Users are required to hold their phone to right stem of the headphone which has the NFC chip installed in it. Once the headphone gets connected with the Bluetooth users will get response as “powered on” and ‘Bluetooth connected’ in their ear piece.

This headphone simply works flawlessly and can be used for a really long time as much as 7 hours on a stretch. It has zero glitches or dropout which results in a high quality sound and music listening experience. It is powered by a battery which can be easily charged through the micro USB charge socket present on the underside of the stem.

The best thing about this headphone is the ability to support LDAC which allows users to enjoy a relatively high quality wireless audio experience through Bluetooth. LDAC is way better than the conventional Bluetooth Audio as it transmits three times more data than Bluetooth Audio. LDAC transmits at the rate of 990 kbps which results in high quality sound retention in the headphones. However consumers will only be able to get that kind of sound quality when they use their NEW Sony headphones with Sony line of Xperia phone or Walkman players.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Moto G4 Plus First Impressions

Moto G4 Plus

Moto G Series Smartphone Enters its Fourth Generation

Lenovo which tends to own the smartphone business of Motorola seems to be getting stronger and the formerly Google owned company is sticking to its main philosophy. The focus is on the Moto G series of smartphone that has entered its fourth generation and which is named `Moto G’ with references to the generation of the device like Moto G 2015 or Moto G 3rd Generation. The complete line-up, in fact is being broken down further and Lenovo is launching the Moto G4 Plus in India, soon while the Moto G4 would be coming in June.

The Moto G4 Plus is Motorola accepting some of the market developments though sticking to its own philosophy. It has a 5.5 inch 1080p display, a clear update from the 720p displays seen against the original Moto G. In Moto G4 Plus the colours do not pop and it is also a bitreflective. The most important update is the camera which has a 16Mp shooter on the back with laser auto-focus as well as PDAF and it has been claimed by Motorola that it is better than the iPhone 6 Plus. However, there is a considerable amount of processing time and the camera app launches slower than the older Moto G phones.

Moto G4 Plus – Two Options

This could be due to its added features such as HDR, Pro Mode and best shot that tends to make the app heavier. The lighting during the launch event was not suitable to take good shots but served to satisfy several users, at least in the sunlight. Motorola has utilised an Omnivision sensor for this smartphone. Besides this, another addition is the fingerprint sensor that does not make it to the Moto G4.

 Located on the front, the fingerprint sensor on the Moto G4 Plus is said to be square shaped and tends to feel new if not odd. It seems to have ridged design that feel unnatural and though it is not a button, it could be used to light up the screen or close an app. In India, the Moto G4 Plus comes in two options, for the version with 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM forRs 13,499 and for 32GB internal storage and 3GB RAM for Rs 14,999.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Operating System

The processor is the same for both options which has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 oct-core chip. Each model comes with a MicroSD card slot which can have an extra 128GB of additional storage in order that the added internal memory may not be a big concern. Beneath the screen lies the fingerprint sensor having an unusual square shape design. The operating system running on the device is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow which in line with the promise of Motorola, seems to be most prevailing version available.

It also has a battery of 3,000mAh. A lot of specification is shared between the Moto G4 and the G4 Plus comprising of the 5.5 inch screen with 1080p resolution, a Snapdragon 617 processor together with a fast charging 3,000mAh battery while the Android version tends to remain the same together with the microSD card slot.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A New In-Ear Devices Promises a Future Devoid of Language Barriers

Instant language translation devices have only been the element of the science fiction literature and cinema. For a long time we have been waiting for such a kind of device which can help in erasing the language barrier. As of now, we have speech recognition and translation technology which does the job fairly well but it means you must have working internet connectivity. Near real-time translation has improved immensely recently due to effort of the Apple, Google and other tech companies but we can’t still convert the videos or audios directly to other language. Over the years, a number of rumors have emerged regarding a so called GoogleX super project which is believed to developing a similar kind of language translation device. A new device has been launched named Pilot which will offer near real time language translation in a seamless fashion.

Problems associated with the development language translation devices

Real-time translation is simply hard to perform even for the machines. It has already taken more two decades to come with advanced and respectable translation services and application in the form Google translation and others. But these application and services takes a small amount of information at a time and translates into another language but accuracy is quite questionable in various cases. In simple words to offer real-time and completely error free language translation we will still require the help from the super-computer which won’t be profitable for any consumer at all.

Second major issue while developing real time language translation device is that whether they will require internet connectivity or huge amount of power or not. In order to use translation apps one is required to have working internet subscription as apps use their online data and language repository to translate the texts. Pilot works in its own unique way by wirelessly accessing the cellphone processor in order to perform the translation exercise seamlessly.

Other problems related to creating universal translator are basically revolves around the design concept and practicality of the device. Should the device be kept online at all times or should it remain offline when not required, automatic and manual functionality is also a concern.

The features of Pilot

Pilot isn’t a single earpiece gadget rather it is a two-earpiece gadget. In order to get instant language translation users has to be give one earpiece to other person who speaks a different language and put other in their own ear. Now both the person can start conversing in the language of their own choice and it will be instantly translated by the device. Sin both other earpiece has translator users will be able to understand each and other in the profound manner.

It is still in its nascent stage so there will be some glitches and shortcoming, which means simply putting the device in your ear, wouldn’t turn everyone speaking in your language. However it appears to be highly ambitious device and thus tend to offer better and more refined instant translation than the present services offered by the Microsoft’s Skype and Google translation.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

HTC One M10 is Coming April 12

HTC One M10

HTC’s Flagship Smartphone – HTC 10

HTC has begun sending media invitation for an event to be held on April 12 wherein the company is widely expected to expose its next flagship smartphone which is believed to be known as HTC 10. The announcement of the Taiwanese company informed that it would have simultaneous events in New York, London as well as Taipei.

The invitation moreover confirms that the launch event would be live streamed on April 12, on the company’s website. The company has requested users to log on to its website on April 12, 8 am New York Times, 1 pm London time and 8 pm Taipei time.The website also mentions that they admit it, they are obsessed … but in a good way’ and tends to have a hastag `#powerof10’.

The company will be unveiling the `power of 10 and in this case, 10 will be playing into the phone’s name which follows 2015’s HTC One M9 and M8 as well as the original HTC One. The announcement tends to come about a month late this year if one has been following the pattern of HTC for unveiling its headliner phone at the Mobile World Congress show in late February.

New Phone with Home Button/Edges

This delay to the phone watchers has been a sign of the struggle of HTC in stopping the bleed after years of steep market share drop-off together with poor sales. Some of the details of the HTC 10 revealed with a render published earlier in the month portrayed a new phone with a home button together with big edges.

The HTC 10 is said to have a 5.15-inch display together with Snapdragon 820 processor and would sit among the top-tier of Android phone. But the question propped up to HTC is what will make the 10 stand out from home runs like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

HTC has mentioned that it would be introducing its phone at the time of the online event and there would not be an in person component, though it may sound like anyone who would be interested, will be capable of tuning in. The announcement would be streamed at 8 am ET on their website. Besides a 5.15-inch Super LCD 5 display with QHD resolution, the handset would also be packed with a 3000mAh battery which if true would be the largest battery in HTC’s flagship in the HTC phones till date.

Smartphone – Compelling Camera Experience

Some other specifications rumoured regarding the HTC 10 state an Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel rear camera and a USB Type-C port besides a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Some of the images leaked regarding the unannounced handset recommend that it would sport metal build with broad chamfered edges and a physical home button below the display together with two capacitive buttons.

In an attempt to develop around its forthcoming flagship, HTC has claimed that HTC 10 will sport `World First, World Class’ front and back cameras. Chialin Chang, HTC CFO, had stated that the smartphone is expected to have a very compelling camera experience. According to the rumours, the HTC 10 is said to come in four colours of black and white, white, gold and black.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Xolo Era X: Pocket Friendly Phone With 4G Support

Xolo Era X
Xolo, a subsidiary of Lava mobiles, is an Indian smartphone brand that has been creating ripples in the Indian mobile market. It was the first company to produce an Android based phone equipped with an Intel processor. The company has launched Android as well as Windows smartphones. Recently, the company also developed its own user interface for Android based smartphones. The brand’s latest offering is Xolo Era X. If you have been searching for a budget-friendly phone with decent features and performance, here’s why you should check out this phone:


One of the most important aspects for a customer purchasing a smartphone is camera. This is because more and more people are using only their phones to capture images. Those days are now a history when people were required to carry a camera with them everywhere to shoot images. All thanks to the rising fame of camera phones, they are definitely in vogue. For the price tag at which Xolo Era X is available at, it has more than decent camera specs. It has an 8 mega pixel rear camera equipped with auto focus and flash. There are different modes and features like smile detection, burst mode, audio note, panorama, location capture and more. The front camera has 5 mega pixels and flash too so that you can capture bright images even in low light conditions. Indulge in Amazon promotional codes to purchase this phone with the added benefit of Cashback.


There are numerous tasks being done via a smartphone today such as shooting images, accessing various apps, storing notes, storing files, playing games, watching movies, texting and so much more. This fast paced era has made “multi-tasking” the need of the hour. A user expects the same from a smartphone. Xolo Era X is powered by 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A-7 quad core processor and 2GB RAM so that you can enjoy a smooth performance here. You will be able to switch on and off between different apps and multi-task easily on this handset. It runs on Android Lollipop v5.1 and can be upgraded to Android Marshmallow v 6.0.

Display and design

Xolo Era X is a 5 inch HD IPS display phone. It has a protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to provide protection against everyday scratches.It also adds to the durability factor. It also comes with an inbuilt K-class amplifier and box speakers to enhance your listening experience. Avail offers for Paytm present on CashKaro to buy Xolo phones at discounted prices with the advantage of Cashback offers.


With so much being done via a smartphone today, there’s also a lot of data being stored on it. Be it pictures or music, movies or games, apps or notes; there’s an ever-rising need for storage capacity. Xolo Era X has an internal capacity of 8GB which can be further expanded up to 32 GB using a micro SD card.

Superior speed

You can bid goodbye to slow internet speed with Xolo Era X! Enjoy browsing on web, downloading files and quality audio/video with the superior 4G VoLTE technology.


Xolo Era X is backed up by a 2500 mAh battery which provides talk time of 16 hours 43 minutes on 2G. On 3G, it offers 10 hours 35 minutes. So you can be assured of not holding a dead battery phone at the end of the day, provided you are not a heavy user.

Xolo Era X sure seems a good choice for people who want a good camera performance with decent specs without breaking their bank. It is priced at Rs 5,777.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Handheld ZX Spectrum Vega+ Project Announced on Indiegogo


The Indiegogo Project – Handheld Vega+

The recently re-launched classic games console the ZX Spectrum by the firm, has now announced a portable version of the device. The creator of the original Spectrum, Sir Clive Sinclair tends to own a stake in Retro Computers, which is the firm behind the latest versions of his console. The Indiegogo project for handheld Vega+ has raised around £44,780 of the £100,000 funding goal and if successfully funded, would be provided with 1,000 games with another 14,000 tiles available for download.

 Besides this there is also a microSD card slot to load more games. The Vega+ presently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo has been a follow-up to the ZX Spectrum Vega that had been released over a year ago. While that was a plug-in controller to work with a TV set, the Vega+ is said to be a fully contained handheld device based on the lines of the Sega GameGear or Atari Lynx.

The handheld console is remarkably close to the iconic Spectrum on the feel and look, mainly owing to the concept design by Rick Dickinson who had designed the original computers.Retro Computers had explained on the Indiegogo product page for the project, that the device would feature an LCD screen though it would also be connected to a TV.

A Game Console to be Played Anywhere

Speaking regarding the new Vega+, Sir Clive commented that the present surge of interest in retro products had inspired him to plan the Vega+ as a handy games console that could be played anywhere. It has been developed by Christ Smith, who was a leading authority on the Spectrum. The Vega+ seems to be a new low cost hand held game console.

To give the product its full name, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ is based on Sir Clive’s earlier largely successful Spectrum products in the early 1980s and includes all the features of the ZX Vega and much more inclusive of the stereo output for amazing reproduction of gaming sounds as well as music. It is the only game console which tends to exist with 1,000 licensed games which are already included together with an LCD to be used anywhere as well as capability of connecting to a TV for home usage.

The company stated that the development of the product is complete with a total working prototype that is ready to go into production and the units would be shipped early this summer.

Vega+ a Licenced Device

Stuart Miles editor of gadget site Pocket-lint had stated that they believe there is room for retro gaming but at the same time people do not like sitting in front of TV all the time to play games. He informed that by making it portable, it tends to broaden out to the same audience which would have played Gameboy years ago. He further added that though at times nostalgia for classic games was not always satisfied when they are played again and sometime one is reminded how basic these games were.

The Vega+ is said to be a licensed device and the finished model will be the same black like the original Spectrum but pledger could choose limited edition copies in black blue or red. It is a flexible funding model which means that the project goes ahead irrespective of how much money has been pledged. Its final price has not been confirmed though pledgers could get it for £100.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Nextbit's Robin Phone, Which Taps Cloud for 100GB of Storage


Robin Smartphone Well-matched with Verizon Network

Nextbit, San-Francisco based, run by Google and HTC would be offering a version of its Robin smartphone which is well-matched with the Verizon network.The offer would start soon through its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign according to an interview of the CEO of Nextbit, Tom Moss. The early version of the Robin had been compatible with only AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Robin had created a lot of disturbance through its standout feature of online storage and while the smartphone is provided with 32 gigabytes of internal storage, it would have about 100GB of storage on tapping into the cloud for added online resources.

Executive of Nextbits have implied that they would be able to use online access as well as storage for the improvement of phone in other ways over a period of time. The introduction of Verizon version has improved the customer base of Nexbit and Verizon is the largest wireless network of the nation. The announcement was made just two days after the company had hit the $1 million mark on its Kickstarter campaign, doubling its goal. The form of the Robin which tends to work with Verizon has been designed precisely for that network and is not augmented for AT&T or T-Mobile and it is not recommended to switch networks.

Verizon Type – Early Bird Special Price

The company is yet looking into a type for Sprint though the need to add extra frequency band tends to complicate the task. Moss has commented that they are figuring out whether they could make it work with Sprint. Moss together with co-founder Mike Chan had worked on Google’s Android software earlier when the company’s chief design and product officer, Scot Croyle, had led the development of the HTC One Smartphone.

Nextbit will provide the Verizon type and offer an early bird special price of $299 for the first 300 orders and the kickstarter price is $349. It would retail for $399 at its launch in January. The company also started a contest to enable Kickstarter backers to choose a colour combination for a special Kickstarer, only variant of the Robin. They could also propose colours. Nextbits would choose five, improve them and then enable the backers to vote. Presently the Robin comes in a combination of mint-white or dark blue `midnight’ colour.

Strategy to Challenge Traditional Players

The strategy of Nextbit is to challenge traditional players such as Apple and Samsung, where their products tend to sell easily, double the price. Crowdfunded devices continue to carry some risk and Robin can wind up going up in smoke though the chances for its success seams good. Presently, Nextbit seems to have the funding, a reputable manufacturer together with some excellent credentials like the former Google and HTC executives which includes the former lead designer of HTC.

Though nowhere near the scale of Apple or even HTC, Nextbit had been a success on Kickstarter and the company had mentioned that it intends to increase the cloud storage of Robin to 129GB if the backing tends to hit $1.5 million. Regarding the campaign, Moss had commented that it is amazing and that it is such a validation.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950


Lumia 950 – First Phone of New Microsoft Windows 10 Software

The first top of the range Lumia after the Lumia 930 and the first phone of the new Microsoft Windows 10softwarehave finally arrived. The Microsoft Lumia 950 with its bigger screened sibling, - 950 XL has showed up. With the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, it acquired a company with the strongest industrial design team in Europe possibly as effective as Apple with regards to visionaries like Marko Ahtisaari.

It also purchased a company with astounding reputation for invention and hence this new phone seems to be amazing. Microsoft seems to have discarded the day-glo colours of the 930 and others for a quieter design and the metal edging together with the coloured back of the 830 and 930 have been replaced with a monochrome plastic back and edge.

The only visible features are the silver Windows logo along with the matching ring which seems to surround the camera lens. The plastic back can be removed and third party manufacturers are intending to come up with more colourful and striking colours.There is an iris recognition system to unlock the screen.When one tends to stare at it, it opens automatically and the message onscreen says `Hello’.

Slower Than Fingerprint Sensors

It is much slower than the fingerprint sensors on the iPhone 6s and Sony Xperia Z5 and works most of the time without any difficulties. There is no double tap-to-wake system on the phone.

This method has been pioneered by Nokiaon its heavily underrated affordable Asha phone series and was then moved to some Lumia phone. It has now been taken up by several Android phone manufacturers though not on the latest phone. Another wonderful invention of Nokia was the way some of the Lumia handset reacted to touch inspite of wearing gloves which is useful in cold climates.

Things tend to get familiar once the user gets started with the phone with the Windows Phone system now known as Windows 10. The same set of apps covers the screen in an alphabetical list when swiped to the left. Windows universal apps provide a wide range of apps designed which tend to look the same on the phone as on a Windows 10 PC, which is one of the main features that Microsoft seems to be banking on in order to generate more approvals.

Features USB-C Connector

The battery life on the Lumia 950 seems good to get the user through a full day though not more and intensive usage of the phone as a laptop standby could reduce this. The 950 is one of the first phones featuring a USB-C connector and hence none of the old chargers would be of any use. Besides this, there is also a wireless charging if one has a compatible charging pad and unlike the Samsung’s new phones that work with two charging standard, this one seems to be restricted to Qi.

The phone feels a real break away from the Nokia-centric past for Microsoft and with the Windows 10 on various platforms together with the potential of using this phone as a decent computer, it would be appealing to several users. The camera seems great with good sensor, dedicated shutter button together with fast launch where the display is eye-catching.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Moto 360 Sport, Meet Your New Workout Partner

Android Wear market is growing through a crazy phase where every month new wearables are making to the stores and constant innovation is helping in bringing more features to the devices. The latest version of Moto 360 sport shows remarkable improvement over its predecessor Moto 360 in terms of design and features. It is quick and concise of review of the Moto 360 Sport on basis of its first impressions, which is very amazing and impressive.

Moto 360 Sport hardware stands out from the crowd

The Moto 360 Sport comes with integrated silicone band, which is not changeable though. The internals of the Moto 360 Sport 42 mm model is similar to the earlier model with an addition of a GPS receiver. There is new display on this Smartwatch, which is named Motorola AnyLight Hybrid Display technology, which easily adapts with the environment.

It works like a traditional backlit display in low light situation and in the sunlight as front-lit reflective display. Motorola has provided an extended back button, which is located on the upper right side, and mic is located on the lower side. Motorola has carefully positioned the heart rate monitor on the center of the back. Motorola has covered the display with Gorilla Glass 3 surrounded by a ring of metal, which makes it more elegant.

Moto 360 Sport is a performance driven Sartwatch

The Moto 360 Sport runs on the Android Wear 1.3.0.x OS which is based on the popular Android 5.1.1 and it performs flawlessly with no glitches. It has a 300 mAh battery and runs o the 1.2Ghz quad core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 400 processor and has a 4GB of interNal storage with 512 MB of RAM.

Motorola has added some new fitness focused apps as well as a fitness watch face. These apps are called Moto Body and Moto Body Running while the watch face is called Sport, which provides status right in the top of display and a tap for accessing more options.

Users can easily view their heart rate, set goals for various exercises and get some interesting and accurate stats in the results at the end. Moto 360 Sport has a Start button near the middle of the display, which launches the Moto Body Running app where users can select different options before they start their run. Motorola 360 Sport is great at tracking the different exercises along with the calories count burned.

How Moto 360 Sport fares in tests? 

Motorola Moto 360 Sport is very nicely designed and its performance is amazing even though very few tests were performed in short time. First of all this watch is incredibly responsive and it brings one of the best displays ever seen on an Android Wear watch. Motorola 360 Sport will be launching in US In January and it will come with a base price of $299.99. And if you are looking up a smart and a performance driven Android Wear in New Year then keep this watch in your buying list.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lenovo's Zuk Z1 is a Cheap Smartphone with More Battery than Bite

Zuk Z1

The Zuk Z1 – First Smartphone From Lenovo’s Zuk Sub-Brand

The Zuk Z1 is the first smartphone from Lenovo’s Zuk sub-brand which joins the growing list of cheap Android handsets such as the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and Asus ZenFone 2. The Zuk Z1 had been unveiled in August in China and though there was no planned date of release for US, it is available now in Europe for €319.99.

One could get a 5.5 inch full HD display, 3GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, 13-megapixel camera with dual SIM support, fingerprint scanner as well as an equally dated Snapdragon 801 processor with that price. This is because like the powerful though cheap Android smartphone, the Zuk Z1 is not much appealing with regards to the design.

The metal chamfered edges are attractively designed and the plastic antenna stripes towards the top and bottom of the phone are somewhat familiar. The Z1 tends to have a rounded bubbly feel of an older phone for instance like a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 of 2012. The sleek plastic back tends to swell slightly as though the battery within seems to be inflating and though not uncomfortable to hold, it lacks the refinement one tends to get from the latest Galaxy and iPhone devices.

Software – Very Appealing

The most appealing aspect of the Z1 is its software which comes loaded with one of Android’s popular variants, Cyanogen OS, meaning that individuals could get more granular control over their device than Google’s regular mobile operating system. One could tweak anything from the shortcuts on the notification drawer, to check for individual apps to hardware button towards the bottom of the device.

Besides this it also bundled with the software like Truecaller, a caller ID service which besides other things, tends to block spam calls, which is useful and can be uninstalled if not needed. The performance of Z1 is perfect for daily usage, swiping around the home screen scrolling through the apps, texting friends and much more.

Though the Snapdragon 2.5 GHz801 processor does not keep up in head-to-head use with the new chips from 2015, there seems to be slight and infrequent impediments at the time of gaming. The 13-megapixel camera is a bit of a disappointment and attempting to capture moving subjects seems difficult as well as well- illuminated indoor shots are not up to the mark. Besides this, Cyanogen OS’s camera app is particularly poorly designed with no easy access to pictures taken.

Z1 – A Capable Phone

The rest of the hardware seems solid though there are some more limitations. For instance the addition of a USB Type-C port seems that one could use reversible cables which tend to work either way up though it makes the old microUSB chargers useless.

The phone does not come bundled with one Type-C cable. Since there is no microSD port or a removable battery, the 64GB storage and 4,100 mAh battery of Z1 would be adequate to satisfy most of the users. The fingerprint scanner seems good though there were a few missed scans. The Z1 overall seems to be a very capable phone.

 It is not a flagship quality, but it is definitely no ship. The Z1 though, with a generic and somewhat swollen design of the handset does not seem right for all hands, its price at least would be suitable for several users.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to debut in less than three months and rumor mills are working overtime to present a final picture of the device specs and features. Samsung is looking forward to improve the popularity of its S series after the lukewarm response to the Galaxy S6. Furthermore launching the S7 during the first quarter of the year will help in making huge sales and almost no threat from the next iPhone. Here is a list of the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs and features, which have emerged in the recent past.

Two designs to debut together

Samsung has established a dual lunch model for itself by the releasing of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge variant a while back. Similarly it is being expected that Samsung will unveil two designs and models as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge featuring a curved screen. Samsung Edge will always feature its awe-aspiring curved display design, which has been loved both by the consumers and critics alike.

Qualcomm processor expected to make a comeback

Samsung and Qualcomm relations soured in the recent past and Samsung even went ahead to launch the high end Galaxy S6 variants featuring it own home grown Exynos processors. However Samsung will be using both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and its Exynos 8890 processor for the Galaxy S7. Snapdragon will be used in the S7 devices for the India while Snapdragon 820 will be used in the devices manufactured for the China, US and other markets.

MicroSD slot to return in Galaxy S series

Samsung has to bear a huge pressure from the consumers with its strategy to do away with the microSD card slots. There are some credible rumors which points that Samsung is all set to reintroduce the microSD card slots in the Galaxy S7. However, it has not been whether Samsung has ditched the micoSD card slots due to price concerns or technical reasons earlier.

Galaxy S7 Force Touch technology

Samsung has also filed a patent for its own exclusive 3D touch technology. Samsung 3D touch technology is described as a system wherein different voltages will help in getting different options to get selected. For example, a hard press will result in capital letter and a softer press will help in getting lowercase letters while typing.

Better and advanced camera hardware

Samsung Galaxy S series comes under the premium and high end smartphone segment wherein it is necessary to offers top class camera capabilities in the phone. Samsung is looking forward to heighten its upcoming Galaxy S7 camera capabilities by getting hand on the 23MP IMX300 camera, which was used by the Sony in its Xperia Z5 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to release in February

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 at MCW 2015 and Galaxy S5 at MCW 2014. Therefore, it can be easily said that Galaxy S7 will make its debut at MCW 2016, which takes place at the end of the February. It is widely expected that Samsung Galaxy S7 will each to the stores by April first week after the official release in the February.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Google Uncovers 11 Serious Security Flaws within the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Google Discovered 11 Serious Security Problems – Samsung’s Galaxy S6

Google has discovered 11 serious security problems in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone in a sequence of severe test intended to clear the vulnerabilities in handsets. The company had set its security analyst team Project Zero with the challenge to seek out bugs in the Galaxy S6 Edge running an open source version of Google’s Android software called Android Open-Source Project – AOSP, to see how quickly Samsung patched the issue.

Google calls the companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs, whose smartphones use its software that include Samsung, LG and Motorola. The researcher of Project Zero, Natalie Silvanovich, wrote in a Google blogpost that, `OEMs are an important area for Android security research since they introduce additional and possibly vulnerable code in Android devices at all privilege levels and they decide the frequency of the security updates which they provide for their devices to carriers’.

Project Zero researchers that were based in Europe and North America, identified within a week, 11 possibly severe security issues in the device especially surrounding media processing and device drivers. They reported the susceptibilities to Samsung specified that eight of the 11 were fixed in their October Maintenance Release while the remaining three which had been marked as lower-severity would be fixed throughout November.

Project Zero – Seeking Bugs in Software

Mr Silvanovich added that it is promising that the highest severity issues were fixed and updated on-devices in a reasonable time frame’. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had been released together with its non-curved equivalent the Galaxy S6 in April.

 It was launched as Samsung’s flagship handsets to contend against iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which was released the previous September and these two smartphones faced disappointing sales with Samsung’s profit fell by 8% in July. Recently, it’s most recent version of Android 6.0; Marshmallow had been issued by Google.

Google Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9 smartphones together with LG’s G4 now are capable of running it while the other manufacturers Samsung, HTC as well as Sony are likely to update their devices in the following weeks. Project Zero has been running for some time now by Google with the task of seeking out bugs in software, alerting the software makers and then reporting the public if nothing is fixed in an attempt to force something to be done.

Internal Contest between Two Teams of Google’s Project Zero Security Teams

Earlier, Google had taken on Windows and OS X with Project Zero bugs, however now it is Samsung in the firing line for 11 serious faults with the Galaxy S6 Edge. The issues with Samsung’s device as high impact have been described by Google, which means that they tend to be quite serious.

The faults comprise of script injections, driver issues, image parsing issues, permission weaknesses as well as a directory traversal bug that enables a file to be written in unexpected settings. Project Zero blog post of Google tends to go in-depth on each of the 11 security faults detected in the Galaxy S6 Edge. Presently most of them are already fixed but three of the tricky ones still remain which include the script injection bug with two specific image parsing errors.

All this was part of an internal contest between two teams of Google’s Project Zero security teams. They had selected Galaxy S6 Edge since it is a decent example of a recently released high-profile Android smartphone.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The New Hendo Hoverboard Is a Warm-Up for Elon’s Hyperloop


Hendo – Bulky Hoverboard – Smoother Design/Enhanced Controls

Arx Pax has raised more than $500,000 Kickstarter dollars for building Hendo, a bulky hoverboard which tend to lift its riders a few inches above the ground. The updated Hendo 2.0 would be offering a smoother design with enhanced controls.

The official unveiling of the hoverboard was October 21 and Arx Pax had been sharing several details regarding the Hendo 2.0, its improvements prior to the unveiling of the finished product. Several of its enhancements are design related. Co-founder and CEO, Greg Henderson of Arx Pax explains that one of the things they have realized was that with the first generation hoverboard, they have made a large deck and that gave people the opportunity to put their feet in the wrong place.

This in turn was the cause of several hoverboard rides that felt bit more wobbly than the sci-fi future which many speculated. Henderson of Hendo 2.0 has said that they are utilising visual cues in making it to operate like a skateboard and have a somewhat longer version, a 36 inch board about 10 inches wide with front and rear kick tails. This could be used to shift the weight around more efficiently like how one would on an analog deck.

Employs Traditional Skateboard Trucks

Moreover, the Hendo 2.0 also tends to employ traditional skateboard trucks, the part which connects the wheels as well as the bearings to the deck. However in this case, instead of the wheels you tend to get electromagnetic repulsion to enable the rider to get customized to the experience of their choice.

Henderson explains that if one prefers to turn right on skateboard you could lean to the right and the trucks rotate slightly where that little bit of rotation tends to change the force vectors. Skateboarders comprehend how truck function and so Kickstarter backers would be able to adapt them and change the trucks to their fancy either for softer or harder turning radiuses.

This seems like a foremost progress over the original Hendo. Besides this the battery life is an improvement though it is a low bar and last year’s Hendo last for only a few minutes prior to petering out

Arx Pax – Capabilities of making Technology Work

Hendersons visualizes hoverboards would one day occupy the same levels of American Pastimes as the electric GoKart course or maybe a multi-use X-Games style set-up. He states with regards to one potential business model, that a hoverboard park franchiser would install a park and you would have a layer of conductive material though it would still be functional for BMX bikes and skateboards.

Henderson had used Hendo, last year, to direct attention to his company’s fundamental technology, patents which would permit everything from earthquake resistant building foundations to super-villain weapons. This year the list spread to one specific though far flung target. He is of strong belief of Hyperloop and a much stronger believer that Arx Pax has the capabilities of making the technology work.

In the meanwhile, Arx Pax has successfully demonstrated its technology in a Hyperloop environment though on a 1/12 scale. Approval from SpaceX for Arx Pax’s Magnetic Field Architecture has also come through, for use in the competition which means that it could probably show up in various proofs-of-concepts. Henderson, though not surprisingly is convinced that it would be also be what would power the ultimate design

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Exploride - Turn Your Car into a Smart Car


Exploride – Cutting Edge Display/Gesture Recognition Technology

Exploride, a combination of cutting edge display with gesture recognition technology offers hands free access to maps, text, calls, notifications, music as well as on-board analytic of a car. With this, one can get a safe, smart and connecting driving experience.

Exploride is a heads-up display one could use in any car, similar to a heads-up display which tends to come preinstalled, it provides access to maps, music and much more without the need of taking your focus off the road. It also tends to feature gesture controls that are much safe rather than reaching over to press the screen.

The maps are powered by Google Maps and users can stream music through Pandora and Spotify. However it tends to have its own app which enables the user to access files from the cloud and a dash cam to record anyone trying to key the car.

Moreover it also provides diagnostic such as engine health, fuel status and much more doubling as 4G hotspot enabling passengers to get online with the use of Wi-Fi. Its 6 inch display is transparent and does not seem to be too distracting. One could swipe up, down, left and right in order to control it or could speak and use voice controls.

Pairs with Phone & Car

Inside one will find a quad core processor 2GB RAM together with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and also a 12v multi-USB adaptor with high output speakers. Exploride is a dash mounted head display which tends to pair with the phone and car, delivering a great amount of information and functions through a translucent screen which does not block the field of vision.

Besides this, the Exploride does much more than just display driving directions streamed from the phone. Though it can pair with the phone it tends to rely on its own 4G LTE connectivity for things such as Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps as well as car accessible cloud storage.

It also comes with Bluetooth capable OBD adaptor which tends to plug directly in your car that enables the Exploride to display diagnostic data, fuel consumption, tire pressure etc., wherein the specification may tend to differ based on the car’s computer potential of reporting.

Supports Gesture Based Controls

Besides all this the Exploride also supports gesture based controls for answering calls and skipping tracks and also has a 3 megapixel dash cam to capture sky-streaking meteors and other proceedings. One can get a SIM card and service from any GSM carrier, as the Exploride will ship unlocked and on selecting one, the gadget could serve as a W-Fi hotspot for all in the car.

 Moreover it can also tap your phone’s data plan, if desired. With regards to storage, it has an 8GB, adequate for 4.4 hours of 720p dash cam footage. The Exploride companion app is said to be available for Android and iOS.

Within five days into its crowdfunding campaign, Exploride has already crossed its $100,000 funding target. Sponsors can avail the featured perk comprising of a full kit – Exploride, OBD adaptor, charger and 5GB of storage for a year, for $269 with $20 shipping or $30 if the user is outside the US. The estimated delivery is said to be in January 2016.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Composite Cement used to Frame Vonschloo Home Speakers


Loudspeakers of Composite Cement for Vonschloo

Estragon, Zurich based studio, had developed loudspeaker made of composite cement for vonschloo. The choice of using composite cement was initiated due to the material being one of the best available for acoustic cabinets. The team spend a lot of their time in exploring the possibility of this material before embarking on the precise design for the material involved.

The company had been influenced by the `folle’ an archaic sound object that has been utilised in the Swiss Alps for centuries to call the `alpsegen’. When compared to the several electronic products, the team desired a 360 degree design to be appealing from all side thus permitting these speakers to be placed in a variety of surroundings. With the combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric it created a sophisticated and minimal look.

Due to the warm, rough and irregular material of the casing when compared to the smooth and delicate stand provides the product with a unique visual character. There are two different configurations for the loudspeaker where the only difference between the two configurations seems to be the stands. These can be altered at any period of time. Floor standing loudspeaker along with its stand is motivated by the designs of the 50’s and 60’s and is precise for free placement in a living area.

Eternit – Amazing Acoustic Properties

The material Eternit, cement composite was decided for artistic reasons. Besides having amazing acoustic properties, it tends to combine form and operates in a harmonic way. Since Eternit does not seem to be the most common material, it was only on working on that it had enabled the team to actually design the speaker casing which was due to the support and patient of Eternit – Schweiz, AG. On successful development of the speaker, the team were offered the opportunity of designing the complete identity of Vonschloo.

 The look and feel of the brand should imitate the characteristic of the product. Moreover, the logo as well as the website estragon also directed the photography. The second version is a shelf loudspeaker which has a compact stand. Its simple design tends to adapt to its surrounding.

The L242 Loudspeaker for vonschloo enables a clear visual statement with its reduced and focused utilisation of material together with the finish. It comes with a price of 2880 CHF, around $2,995 USD.

Idyllic Speaker – High Quality Sound/Fashionable Design

The L242is the idyllic speaker for users with high quality of sound and fashionable design. The characteristic of the design of the loudspeakers is simple having all the essentials, the inspiration being the Folle, a traditional wooden funnel utilised for ages for the Alpsegen.

Its clear and unique design language gives the loudspeakers an iconic appearance and due to its 360° design, the speakers tend to speak to the viewers from all angles. Owing to this, it has the possibility of being placed as an object in a free living atmosphere.

With regards to the case, this high-quality component and the experienced technicians tend to guarantee a sound which is exclusive, together with its exterior appearance. Its point source enables a tranquil sound with high detailed sound image. The housing on the other hand are cut and fashioned manually in the Eternit Switzerland AG.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Asus’s GX700: First Ever Water Cooled Laptop


Asus’s GX700 – World’s First Water-Cooled Laptop

In the PC gaming world, liquid cooling is considered to be a luxury something one would not consider in investing especially for a laptop unless it’s an Asus. Cooling a high power gaming laptop has been limited to fan cooling but Asus has now introduce liquid cooling to it. Gaming seems to be a big theme of IFA 2015 in Berlinand at the event the GX700 was unveiled.

Acer’s releasing of a whole new line of Predators and Lenovo has taken on the challenge with a new range of gaming PC of its own. However none have gone as far as Asus which was introduced as the world’s first water-cooled laptop. A 17-inch laptop furnished with a 4K display and to-be-named Nvidia GPU, has an unlocked Intel Skylake processor.

The GX700 links to a huge boxy base station which comprises of all the essential hardware in achieving efficient water cooling, a reservoir and pump together with a radiator. When the connections on the rear of the notebook are secured the liquid cooling system tends to work its heat moving system, giving the laptop the additional thermal headroom needed for overclocking and standard tests.

An Immense Pixel Pushing Machine

It is however, not clear how the system handles issues like air bubbles which could be an issue in PC cooling loop such as this or what type of maintenance is essential for the water cooling station. Liquid cooling system on a gaming PC should be cleaned approximately every six months or so where the process involves soaking, inspecting and at times, replacing sections of the loop.

Water cooling has been usually an interesting addition which the gamers would join in order to improve the cooling setup. It has become quite easy to integrate it into modern PC since the size of the other components have been reduced and the developers have started designing self-contained water-cooling kits which could reduce the task of installation.

At this point of time the Asus GX700 seems to be a mystery and Asus has been refraining in divulging in any of the machine’s specifications other than revealing that it is the first 17-inch laptop with a 4K display.

Nvidia GeForce Graphic Card

It is known that there will be an Nvidia GeForce graphic card inside and it is presumed that it will be ready to overclock once the water cooling rig is linked with the GX700 to amp up the performance. This laptop is an immense pixel pushing machine and once docked, it turns everything up to that extra bit further in the absurd sphere.

The enclosed case of GX700 does not seem like it has been made with maintenance in mind and it is to be seen what Asus has in mind, With the combination of a top of the line mobile GPU with all new Intel CPU, 4K display together with the proprietary water cooling base station the price could be up and over $3,000 mark.

 If the final price tend to be above that it would probably be impossible for all users to purchase it, with the exception of the most well-to-do PC gamers.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8


Samsung – Outstanding Features Huge Screen Mated to Thin Chassis

Samsung has made the Galaxy A8 smartphone official after rumours of which had been spreading for several months. The device’s outstanding feature is the huge screen mated to a super thin chassis which is the slimmest that Samsung has ever produced.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a good slim 5.7 inch smartphone and its matte metal frame feels expensive along with its smooth shimmery white back cover which is really plastic. There is a fingerprint scanner though a great security features on the home button beneath the screen, 4G LTE connectivity, a MicroSD and a big 3050mAh battery and the design is the same as seen in all Samsung phones.

The Super AMOLED touchscreen has a resolution of 1080p weighting only 151 grams. It is slimmer than the 6.3mm thick Huawei P8. Samsung has chosen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor to power the Galaxy A8, besides 2GB of RAM, together with 16GB of internal storage memory.

 The rear camera comprises of 16 megapixels with an f/1.9 opening and a 5 megapixel wide-angle camera on top of the screen for selfies. Moreover, it also has a LG style hand gesture control, a wave rather than a clenched fist with a complete enhancement mode.

Solid Home Button Instead of Soft/Capacitive

Samsung is one of the few major manufacturers still using a solid home button instead of a soft or capacitive one and the fingerprint scanners in combined to this button making it easy to use. Being slim it tends to become easy to hold inspite of the phablet sized at 5.7 inches and the speaker, camera as well as the flash are lined across the back in that order, right above a Samsung logo.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a dual SIM device having both SIM slots supporting 4G SIM cards, but 4G only can be used on one SIM card at a time while the other drops to 3G. Moreover, the second slot is a hybrid slot which doubles up as the microSD slot.

Users can opt between dual SIM connectivity and storage expansion taking into consideration the price level.The Samsung Galaxy A8 runs Android 5.5.5 with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI incorporated in it making the experience mediocre to a light stock Android especially as it comprises of various China only software features and a reworked localized user interface which indicates that in its present form, the Galaxy A8 will be a Chinese exclusive and available to be ordered online through Samsung’s store.

Device Similar to Earlier Model

With regards to an international launch, no announcement has been done by Samsung so far. Samsung could be preparing a super thin smartphone for release.

A video had been posted on YouTube portraying the Galaxy A8 in action and actually sourced from the TENAA Chinese regulatory board. It showed a device that seems similar to the model seen in earlier leaked images and the shape is resonant of the original Galaxy Alpha and a metal chassis is apparent though the phone seems thicker than what the rumours conveyed.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy A8 first started appearing in March when the name had been registered as a trademark together with the A6 and the A9. Thereafter, word about the device was spread by SamMobile in April disclosing some technical specification, prior to some early images of the phone.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

AK TI8e: The Most Luxurious Headphones in the World

Expensive and luxurious aren’t new as we have already seen gold plated iPhones, iPads, other Smartphones and even Smartwatches. But time is taking a different turn as Astell & Kerns launches their ambitious pair of headphones AK Ti8e which aim to bring highest level of technology in a different manner.

Astell & Kern latest headphones AK Ti8e encompass a cutting edge technology which has never been seen before to deliver crystal clear sound to the ardent music lovers at a price tag of whooping £800. Furthermore, the cord of this unique earphone is made up of Kevlar, which is the same ultra durable material used in developing bulletproof vest.

AK TI8e headphones turn the head at IFA event

Astell & Kern has launched its one of kind headphones named AK Ti8e headphones at the ongoing IFA event in Berlin. This headphone doesn’t resemble much different from any other ordinary pair but it boasts of a remarkable technology which has never been seen before in headphones. It features the Beyer dynamic Tesla Technology, which is essentially named after Nikola Tesla who has pioneered the alternating current. 

Astell & Kerns has gone with an oval shaped mould designs and a highly elegant cable with superior durable material. The cables have to go over the ears in this case in order to avoid any kind of pull. The earphones are coupled with silicones and Comply foam buds, which ensure that it remains inside the ears perfectly.

Features of AK Ti8e headphones

AK Ti8e will come with a toughed Kevlar 3.5mm cable along with a balanced cable of 2.5 mm audio jack, which will allow users to use AK players. It will also possess a highly powerful ring magnet, which happens to be 16 times smaller than earlier Tesla technology.

This will allow the AK Ti8e headphones to render a crystal clear sound to the listeners. Developers had made a great effort to remove the crossover filters inside the headphones through the use of new Tesla technology which has resulted in producing clear sound devoid of any distort speech or music recording.

AK Ti8e is designed to offer a wholesome listening experience to the users by easily integrating any of sound choices from the highest trebles to the deeper bass.

Hand built headphones to offer incredible music

Astell & Kern had worked hard on the detachable cable to ensure it possesses the highest level of durability. This AK Ti8e headphones cord is made up of Kevlar, which allows it easily to endure as many as 40,000 bending cycles, which essentially help in increasing the durability of the product. User will never have to be concerned about putting this headphone in their pockets being curled up as many times as possible.

Astell & Kern has given a large emphasis on merchandising and packaging as this headphone command a great price tag of £800. It will be hand built at the Beyerdynamics’s factory in Germany and this headphone will come in a dashing leather case. In accessories section, users will get eight different choices of ear buds to pair with the earphones, which offer a secure and comfortable wear to the listeners.